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Pizza Week 2015, Day 7: Chili Cheese Chick Dog Pizza

Figured I better get caught up and post my last pizza tonight since it will make me incredibly sad to look at pictures of pizza once Lent starts. 423 more words


Tanks Bar & Grill

2033 Wayne Ave.
Dayton, OH 45410

You hear a lot in Dayton about the little dive bars that the locals love. Always near the top of the list is Tank’s Bar and Grill, a spot along Wayne Avenue which isn’t big, isn’t conspicuous and isn’t very aggressive about marketing itself, but people love it still. 432 more words

Dayton Area

Ben's Chili Bowl: A serving of D.C. history

Ben’s Chili Bowl: $ out of four

Ben’s Chili Bowl has seen a lot. The restaurant is famous for surviving the race riots in the 60’s, and it’s been visited by several big names, including President Barack Obama, since then. 280 more words


Green Chili Dogs

History never recorded the identity of the person who first conspired to top meat with more meat.  By all rights he (or she) should be a Nobel Laureate.  323 more words


Karl’s Chili Dogs

Jan and I were reminiscing about chili dogs the other day. Jan used to live only a mile away from Angelo’s in Fresno—a victim of eminent domain for the high speed rail—and in her mind the home of the ultimate chili dog. 767 more words


John and Boy Have A Coney Dog In A Time Machine

Perhaps it is because I am gentleman of a certain slightly advanced age, and maybe a bit set in my ways, but I have a distinct soft spot for places that have been doing the same thing the same way for a very long time. 546 more words

Hot Dog Stands