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Gymnast - Young Blood

gymnast have crafted a densely populated electro pop track that we felt warranted placement, well done folks

Dream Pop

Young Magic - "Sleep Now"

The smooth, luscious synth that opens “Sleep Now,” the newest single from New York based chill-wave/ electronic pop duo Young Magic, almost feels like the epitome of the word atmospheric, and brilliantly melts into the core of the track almost seamlessly. 68 more words


NEW MUSIC: Animalia - "Paradise" (Dream Pop/Chillwave//Toronto, ON)

The Toronto singer songwriter adds another single to her upcoming album with “Paradise” 92 more words

Old Man Canyon's Calm Delirium

Old Man Canyon is neither old nor a canyon. Rather he is a Jett – don’t call him a shark – Jett Pace to be specific. 217 more words


Dim Your Thoughts


“Darling, revolution won’t stand”  

                                     “Oh my darling, you are a red dying star.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Petite Noir - La Vie Est Belle / Life is Beautiful

It’s a little tricky when you introduce your music as a new genre that no one has heard of, and especially so when your so-called genre is dubbed ‘noirwave’. 540 more words