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the delicate balance between relaxing and being productive, and more love for 'space trip'

I like to accomplish stuff and get lots of things done in a day. I like it so much that most of my days off work are spent making a list of all the little jobs I want to take care of that day, and then working through them one at a time, moving each job from the ‘to do’ side of the list to the ‘done’ side. 655 more words

Lo-fi "Study" Music

Lo-fi hip hop has been popularized by the trend in people constantly searching for music to study and relax to on the internet. Many people come across lo-fi and find that it makes them feel comfortably numb, no matter what exam they have to study for. 530 more words


Frustrations After Shaving (Rant)

I was in the shower shaving and was happy that my legs were so silky soft. No problems there. So, I’m chilling in bed, reading a book, when all of a sudden I get a chill and goosebumps come up…. 279 more words