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Gould Coffee (굴드커피) in Sinsa

I found this cute coffee shop in Sinsa on the way to work, it is slightly set back from the street but remains firmly on the main road. 34 more words

It's Early and I'm Tired...

They say the early bird gets the worm, but what if I don’t want the worm? What if I want the worm to live one more day and I just sleep until forever? 203 more words

Ooh, Shiny

One thing about me is that I am totally dedicated to the things I love beauty, blogging, youtubing and business. Even with my dedication to these things in my life I have those moments when i’m being productive and boom my mind literally floats away from me and starts to go down my to do list and I start 3 more tasks and not finishing the main one. 112 more words

no.happyshors.witout.sallii - popo.da.srdsmth

imma hav my own official tag soon, jus bein lazy is all.

issa instrumental


Side Bar 8-16-17 Rochester, N.Y.

Magic City, Club NV, LJ’s Bar & Grill,Venu Resto Lounge, Liquid, Volcano, Ruby Hall, CJ’s Southern Soul, Mingles and the list infinitely persists. Just to name a few. 308 more words

Buscrates Lounge Mix 8.15.17

Great jazzy chill-out vibes for the weekend from Pittsburgh’s own producer/DJ/multi-instrumentalist Buscrates.  Enjoy!

Bailey's Playlist Vol. 1

Music has always been a huge part of my life. It sets the mood of the night, can bring you into a nostalgic daze, or cheer you up. 325 more words