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NONC3NTS put a beautiful spin on Morgan Page's beautiful disaster.

Wow! What a dazzling spin on the original. The brothers of NONC3NTS play up the gorgeous vocals and wind them together effortlessly with a groovy house melody. 53 more words


4. Make time to do nothing

Nature is beautiful, isn’t it? Trees blowing gracefully in the wind. Rain rolling slowly off a leaf. It all makes the world better, and yet, so often, such beauty goes unnoticed. 80 more words

Day Bit release a GEM called 'Without You'!

Ready to chill out? Lay back shut your eyes and listen to the sweet as licks of the guitar and the smooth vocals. Love this song. 53 more words


You Want To Get Back With Your Ex

So you and that special someone have broken it off and nothing seems as good as it once was. Your stalking their Facebook, listening to that artist they told you about, or whatever it is that makes missing them suck a little less. 266 more words