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Lentil and spinach dal

Simples ways to success: Indian, 192pp.
by Das Sreedharan
Hinkler Books, Dingley Victoria, 2003
Cooking on page 64

Indian food is one of my favourites. 287 more words


Delicious meatballs

Laue family cookbook, 87pp.
by the Laue family
published in the 1980s
Cooking on page 32

Six Laue brothers came to America from Schuesselburk, Prussia (a small town near Minden Germany). 426 more words

Light Meal

Slow Cooker Haleem

Haleem is a stew with meat and  a mix of different types of lentils, wheat and barley. The lentils, barley and wheat are prepared treated differently before cooking. 149 more words



Half size of spicy dried egg noodle with pork mince, pork ball and fish line, soup on side. Seasoning with sugar, chilli powder, fish sauce and spicy sour sauce… 30 more words

Maple-Lemon Chicken

Maple syrup and lemon juice makes a delicious sauce. The tartness from the lemon juice balances the sweetness from the maple syrup. It’s even better when it’s served over a juicy piece of chicken. 146 more words


Curried Bitter Melon

Bitter melons have many health benefits including helping to lower blood sugar. I used the smaller bitter melons that Indians refer to as karela. As the name implies, its very bitter. 237 more words


Tomato-Cilantro Thokku

Talking about pickles how can one miss out on the ubiquitous tomato-coriander that find their way into our dishes?

Last week was satisfying as I got to make more than one pickle in a couple of days’ time.   428 more words