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Thai Chicken Patties

I’d like to say this was inspired by my lovely friend Julieanne who we visited in South Africa last month, but in truth it was just downright stolen. 274 more words


Pineapple chili piñata hot sauce

We all loved piñatas when we were kids, hell we still do! But now that we are adults we like our piñatas a bit more spicy and thats why we created  180 more words

Chili Sauce

A mouth watering chili adventure

I recently started on a mouth watering, milk chugging, home made hot sauce adventure! My newest blog called Chili Ninja and is where you will find all the recipes for your mouth burning pleasure. 23 more words

Burn baby burn!

Chili ninja is back with another ass kicking, tongue rocking, mouth firing adventure with our latest Burn Baby Burn. This blend of eye watering wonder will get your dinner party lasting through the next day! 172 more words

Chili Sauce

Taco Diablo

We here at Chili Ninja are bringing you another death by chili experience with our latests Taco Diablo! This one will get your taco packing it’s bags and heading out of the door while crying into the sour cream. 221 more words

Chili Sauce

Chili sauce straight out of Malta!

We recently decided to start making our own chili sauce. Not only is it super tasty it is also super fun and easy to make. I ask myself now, why we ever bought hot sauce before instead of making it ourselves. 80 more words

Lekker soos n krekker

We recently started making home made chili sauce which has pretty much ruined all store bought chili sauces that we have ever had. It’s simple, easy and so much fun.  236 more words

Chili Sauce