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Jikos in Space | A Short Story by Mike Macharia

What you are looking at is the Space Jiko, an upgrade from the previous Terrestrial Jiko, 251 more words

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Asubuhi Asubuhi Patipati na Miwani Photoshoot: Part 1

We recently had the pleasure of working with the most amazing bunch of creatives, thank you serendipity. From an extraordinary photographer to an amazing  model/stylist to this chap who’s a member of one of the best bands to come from Kenya, to this other guy who organizes a really cool art event every other month and so on. 194 more words

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– Wrote this with my friend, Alaka back in 2012 but got too busy to post it back then. It’s been edited slightly to match this post. 671 more words

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Home Is

Around the same time I came up with the ‘Ati?’ design, I sketched the following designs. It was quite bland so I shelved it for about 10 months and decided to revisit and tweak it recently. 144 more words

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Techno-Africana or something that sounds cool like that....

Have you taken the time to study how the African culture & tradition has to coexist with technology? Is it not fascinating?

I was introduced to Blackalicious, a hip hop duo, in 2003-2004 and their album cover (Blazing Arrow) just blew me away as did the music. 130 more words

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Out-of-the-blues Photoshoots

Recently a couple of friends met in a tiny apartment up a hill. Here are the results of a very random photo shoot… All the clothes are available on order: 0720-228766 or 0735-228765 or email, chillimangodesigns@gmail.com… 40 more words

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More on reminiscent Novembers.....

Here are more tees that celebrate our unique ‘Kenyan-ness’. The famous bike, the Blackie and the second most used Kenyan word ‘Ati?!’

To order just call 0720-228766 or 0735-228765 or email chillimangodesigns@gmail.com 32 more words

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