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New Study Shows the Effects of Government Surveillance on Americans

A recent study by the Pew Research Center called “Americans’ Privacy Strategies Post-Snowden” asked Americans how they have changed their behavior after learning about the Snowden leaks. 511 more words


"Check Your Privilege" - Liberal Hate Speech

For those who may be unaware, the liberal lexicon of phrases meant to wage war on those they dislike is led by the saying, “check your privilege.” It is used in cases where the liberal, unable to respond against the arguments of a supposed “oppressor”, wishes to shut down the argument without confessing that they are intellectually inadequate to continue the debate. 1,156 more words


Facebook post gets Navy veteran fired

A US Navy veteran lost his job with a hotel in Missouri after he posted a few photos to his Facebook page. What was in those photos? 170 more words

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Doctors without boarders whining

Doctors Without Borders is now whining that quarantines are have a chilling effect on their work.

Well let’s just remember how one of these “Doctors” acted recently as he ran all over New York City carrying this sickness with him and exposing thousands to a deadly virus. 74 more words


Gamergate: An Ethical Minefield

In August of this year Zoe Quinn, an indie game developer based in the United States, began receiving harassing messages and grotesque threats from anonymous gamers across the world. 448 more words


Intermediary Liability - An Explanation

(Image Source: https://flic.kr/p/o9EcaJ)

Definitions and Explanations – the Concept of ‘Incentives’

An intermediary is an internet-based service provider, which provides its users with a platform to upload all and any types of content, ranging from text to videos. 1,079 more words


The AKPF #1 So Good, It Had To Be Censored

While an occasional flag is raised by YouTube over content contained in a given episode of AKPF #1, seldom does the generous video server host outright block an episode of the controversial cable access series. 152 more words