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Does FOI Create A Chilling Effect? Evidence from the UK

Michael Gove got caught doing it. Now ‘family members / senior advisers’ Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have been found using private emails with another four senior White House staff, including Steve Bannon, also alleged to do the same in what CNN… 1,064 more words


Critiquing the Judicial Narrative

In Abdulaali v Salih, 2017 ONSC 1609, Justice Pazaratz controversially wrote:

  1. The next time anyone at Legal Aid Ontario tells you they’re short of money, don’t believe it. 
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Please take down your post: the unspoken rule against negative reviews in the Philippine restaurant industry

It happened innocently. A friend of mine ate at a restaurant he had been dying to eat in ever since he heard it was opening. He enjoyed the food but commented that the servers’ food knowledge had a lot to be desired. 1,079 more words


What is Chilling Effect?

Jurisdiction – USA, India

Chilling effect is a phenomenon whereby legitimate exercise of rights – commonly free speech – is discouraged due to the threat of legal action. 982 more words