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Flaer Smin - IRA

Artist: Flaer Smin
title: IRA
ca: o2 label 05 – 06
keywords: new age,instrumental
label: o2 label https://archive.org/details/@o2label
reviewer: Willem van O.

Imagine a piano on the beach, being played by a person with the urge to sing a song that sounds a bit like ‘holy night, silent night’ in a way as if the voice was a humming violin.  334 more words


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There is so much music!, so I'm trying to revisit some artists and releases with ICYMI. Here's an artist I discovered via Yeah I Know it Sucks. Flaer Smin is from Kazakhstan and if you are a fan of expansive New Age / Chillout / Downtempo then her music is for you and can be found at Archive.org She has a brand new release - In Search of..... https://o2label.ru/releases/07-036/

Around the World- LIVE DJ Session

A part of a 6 hour LIVE session- a mix of music so unshackled, free from the confines of genre and covering new age music from so many parts of the world!

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Live Session

Filly in the Box - One Leg Jump | Chill Dubstep

Filly in the Box delights once again with a deep and dark track filled with awesome sound design and pony vocal chops! Heavy yet chill, it brings a slick mood and atmosphere, with even subtle Reggae vibes! 11 more words

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OBSCURA - Sol Of My World | Chillout

Here’s a song “inspired by a certain celestial being”, and as it has been submitted to us, it’s got to be Celestia! Fitting for a sunset or an afterglow, the chill track soothes the mind with both acoustic and electric guitars, making for a very nice treat to enjoy while bathed in sunlight.

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NeoN & Loko - After Glow | Melodic Trap

Now this is a genre I’ve hardly heard, and that I love very much! Soothing and enthralling from the start, this Melodic Trap tune from NeoN and Loko part of the… 37 more words

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