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Sunday 24.07.16

Had a bit of a lie in this morning and coffee in bed, when we got up we took Ruby out for a nice walk around… 64 more words

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Sunday 17.07.16

I was up and about early this morning after a restless nighs sleep in the armchair, prepared our evening meal and then took Ruby out for a walk,when we got home we packed our picnic basket and left it for Lynne and Heather to pick up on there way back from Helen’s, Cameron and I cycled to the farm and checked on Skye who was flat out asleep in the field and thoroughly enjoyed cuddles, when we got back on the farm yard we met Lynne and Heather, the farm owners had arranged a family fun day with racing donkey’s this afternoon and Lynne’s mum and dad came along with Harry and Euan, we all had a great day in the sun and I now want a racing donkey, so much fun, we got home late afternoon and had a nice cider in the sun before having our dinner sat in the garden, after it had gone dark we lit the chiminea and sat out in the garden enjoying the nice warm evening till it was time for bed

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Friday 08.07.16

Had a bit of a relaxing morning before going to work, I had a car so didn’t have to rush as much, had a busy day and got through a good bit of paper work that had built up a bit, when I finished work I came home to find Lynne had cooked our dinner and it was in the oven, Lynne had a gap and had dinner with us, while the kids where doing the dishes Lynne and I took Ruby out for a walk around the park, she has hurt her leg and has hardly been out, I chilled out and read my book while Lynne went back to work, when she finished we all sat in the garden enjoying the good fire in the chiminea… 10 more words

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Sunday 03.07.17

Had a bit of a lie-in this morning and didn’t get out of bed till 7am, had coffee and then took Ruby out for a walk around… 95 more words

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Lovely things #10

May days were quick and gone before I could really get a feel for them. The weather was glorious or horrendous (with nothing In between) and with half term waving May days behind us adventures and snoozy mornings in bed were plenty. 366 more words

Monday 06.06.16

Woke up this morning a 4am and didn’t really couldn’t get back off to sleep, gave up at 5.30am and made coffee and read my book till it was time to get up and cycle to work, had a mad busy day in work and time just flew by, cycled home and had a nice family dinner waiting for me which we had sat in the garden, spent the rest of the evening helping Lynne set up her shiny new iPhone lol always a stressful time, when the sun had gone down we lit the chiminea and sat in the garden till it was time to go to bed

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