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The Soaring Words Of A Flightless Bird

I got called in to work early today, so I had no time to write a blog entry.
A couple of quick phone calls later and I managed to arrange a fill-in blog post by guest-blogger, an emu named Murray.
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A Chimpanzee's regret

And the chimpanzee said,

“Damn it,

I must have made a wrong turn somewhere.”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped (with love)

Another challenge and another word:  Enveloped




tr.v. en·vel·oped, en·vel·op·ing, en·vel·ops

1. To wrap, enclose, or cover: “Accompanying the darkness, a stillness envelops the city” (Curtis Wilkie). 70 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

A Zoo Story

If someone had asked me a week ago to tell them what a “hellbender” was, I’d have guessed that it was a term for a wild night of drinking that inevitably results in a killer hangover and a deep sense of regret. 1,299 more words

Chimpanzees, 1936

Chimpanzees are near relations of Gorillas. They too belong to the small group of animals known as Anthropoid, that is “Man-like” Apes. They are the star turns of the Zoo collection because they are not only very clever but very playful and amusing. 187 more words


Chimps at LA Zoo

I have to admit I don’t go to the zoo very often.  I have probably gone to the Los Angeles Zoo 3 times in the last 10 years. 229 more words

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