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Jane (2017)

“I see no difference between helping a human and helping an animal.”

In Jane, which is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most disarmingly beautiful documentaries I’ve had the pleasure of watching, audiences are gifted a question deserving of real contemplation. 592 more words


Had To Share - Chimpanzee On His Way To A New Life

This video is so Awesome. What a great bonding between Pilot and Chimpanzee. Love it


Philosophers’ Brief on Chimpanzee Personhood

Andrew Fenton and L. Syd M Johnson report on the recent public release of an amicus brief supporting chimpanzee personhood, created by 17 philosophers as a part of the Nonhuman Rights Project’s efforts to get two captive chimpanzees to a sanctuary. 819 more words

Law & Policy

Rescue Chimp Flies to Sanctuary

A chimp rescued from poachers flies to an animal sanctuary.


Jared Taylor Cannot Win with Facts and Reason Alone - Vision of Future trumps View of Reality - Richard Spencer’s Vision Needs to Smoke Less Crack

There are two prominent figures in the alternative sphere of the rightist spectrum. There is Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer.

Jared Taylor makes good sense backed with facts and logic on a host of issues, but he lacks the vision thing. 7,476 more words

Consider the Bonobo

To him or her who gulps the most slushies before a brain grips freezing. The turner away from the first paragraph who mentions anything related to calculus while rolling like a panda for the artificiality in ethical intelligence without derivation. 4,073 more words


Just Like Jane

I once thought I would never take my children out of school.

Then we went to Osoyoos for Easter and catching the Thursday ferry was easier than fighting the crowds at the terminal on Good Friday. 703 more words