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Sleeping Chimp

Chimpanzee populations are threatened by a range of factors throughout Africa with habitat loss being a significant issue. Forests are being cut down for the timber, mining and farming industries and the resulting fragmentation of the forests results in chimpanzee families becoming isolated which can have dramatic impact on breeding and migration. 71 more words


Czech Zoo Dehorns Rhinos to Ward Off Poachers

In the wake of a brazen incident of rhino poaching at a French zoo, a Czech zoo that holds the largest number of rhinoceroses of any zoo in Europe is cutting the horns off the at-risk animals. 206 more words


New York court to determine if chimp is legally a person

NEW YORK — Should a chimpanzee be treated as a person with legal rights?

That’s what attorney Steven Wise tried to convince a state appeals court in Manhattan of on Thursday. 586 more words



For classic portraits showing real expression, it is hard to go past the apes. Its not hard to see how closely our species are related when you watch them… a chimpanzee using a twig to fish for termites, or young chimps running and playing with each other and even examples of them being mean to each other, like… 6 more words

Baby chimp

There’s no denying that baby animals are cute. If they are old enough to be mobile however, they are difficult to photograph (at least when they are awake) because they tend to be living life at full speed. 52 more words

The Art of Photographing Animals Like Humans

“I’m tired of language,” says photographer Robin Schwartz. “With animals you don’t have to use language.”

Since childhood Schwartz has documented her close connection to animals in images that reveal the complexities of domestication. 590 more words