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Chimpanzees Dress to Impress

By William Park

The Tweet: “Chimpanzees can develop their own fashion trends.”

It seems our closest relatives in the animal kingdom share even more with us than we might believe. 306 more words


aids was passed to humans from the gorillas as well as chimpanzees

  • Scientists identified pre-cursor of HIV virus in gorillas in Cameroon
  • Virus similar to two HIV strains known as ‘O’ and ‘P’ found in the gorillas…
  • 272 more words

Monkey Business

Is it just me or is 2015 whizzing by faster than ever? I’ve now reached my final month in Japan and vaguely wondering where the last two months have gone. 792 more words


Let's get rrrready to rrrrumble

I don’t know whether any of you are (or have ever been) wrestling fans. Or indeed fans of PJ and Duncan (reference for UK readers only I hope). 887 more words