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If I Have To Read About Bonobo Sex One More Time I Swear I Will Die.

Why are we obsessed with monkey sex? Serious question. There has to be some sort of evolutionary precedent for this.

I get it, okay? Bonobos have a lot of sex. 702 more words


Cold Moon Irregulars

“Cold Storage” – released 9 February 1951

Moon Pilot – premiered 9 February 1962

The North Avenue Irregulars – released 9 February 1979

Who is buying trafficked baby chimps?

The BBC recently exposed a secret network of wildlife traffickers passing on baby chimpanzees in Western and Central Africa. Their 12-month investigation managed to save one tiny individual. 270 more words

Conservation Considerations

New interest in illegal Great Ape trade

The BBC recently released the results of a 12-month investigation entitled ‘The secret trade in baby chimps’. It was on World Service radio and television repeatedly all day the 30th of January and was accompanied by an excellent… 1,041 more words


Historical Happening - J. Fred Muggs

J. Fred Muggs–a chimpanzee, dressed in diapers–became the mascot for the Today Show, on this day in 1953.

Politics Stream of Consciousness Part 2: Learn to Listen.

I want to write a little bit about listening to others. Basically: do it. Even though you are absolutely designed not to, you have to override your human programming and do it anyway. 687 more words