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Sometimes life just sucks...

I was rummaging through some old posts that I had written and never posted. I posting this one – for personal reasons. I just needed to feel like I could kick ass today if I needed to. 1,110 more words

My Personal Stories

It's Happening!

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First of all I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who tuned into BBC Radio Devon last Monday morning to hear me mention the word ‘poo’ a lot. 682 more words


Shad hangs out with the chimps

These chimpanzees are residents at Whipsnade in Bedfordshire, a zoo and safari park owned by the Zoological Society of London, a charity dedicated to the conservation of wildlife across the planet.  507 more words

Shadow On Tour

5 Truly Brutal & Vicious Animal Attack Survival Stories

Trophy hunting, bull fighting, keeping a chimpanzee or other wild animal as a pet, all of that is not right in my book…~TS

Most animals are harmless and won’t intentionally harm humans, but if we provoke or intimidate them, they have shown in the past that they will do some serious damage. 47 more words


Featured book - Anthropocene Apocalypse - Index

I think the index gives you a bit of a clue as to the content.


Quote & dedication


My worst nightmare

My best outcome… 364 more words


Finding Australopithecines: Then I Saw Her Face

What did members of the species Australopithecus afarensis (or, as I call them in my novel, foot-apes) look like? How did their bodies function and move? 2,189 more words


Going LIVE on the BBC

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Going LIVE with the BBC!

Its been a busy week, with flurrys of emails trying to sort research permits with the Ugandan National Council for Science & Technology after some post failed to arrive in Uganda, and more emails to organise a Material Transfer Agreement that will allow me to ship my hormone extracts to the German Primate Centre for analysis. 393 more words