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How wild chimpanzees can help negate climate change

Happy Earth Day! Today, I am going out to the National Mall in Washington DC to March for Science! Why do I march? Because of our planet’s species are under attack, not only by global problems like the illegal wildlife trade, unsustainable agriculture, and climate change, but by the policy makers in our own back yard. 334 more words


Pinching Figs Could Help Explain The Origin Of Our Fine Motor Skills

One of the key features that allowed humans as a species to develop and dominate was our ability to craft complex stone tools. This skill is in turn underpinned by ourfine motor control skills andthe precise movementof our fingers. 12 more words


Born in China Box Office Prediction

The DisneyNature division of the Mouse Factory brings us the documentary Born in China next weekend. This is the seventh feature that the studio has timed to Earth Day focusing on nature and animals. 156 more words


The Case of the Waterfall Worshiping Chimp: How religion and spirituality may not belong to just humans.

Up high in the hills of Eastern Italy, inside the imposing Fonte Avellana hermitage, a whip lashes across the back of a Benedictine monk. Instead of feeling just pain, he feels a lightness inside himself as his humanly sins are forgiven.  1,182 more words

Human Behaviour

Happy Birthday to Jane Goodall

Happy 83rd birthday to pioneering British primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall! Dr. Goodall is known worldwide for her animal welfare and conservation efforts and her study of chimpanzee behavior. 90 more words

Start Your Week With A Chimpanzee Slinging Poop At An Unsuspecting Grandma

This is kind of fitting for a Monday. Maybe this video cheers you up or maybe you’re sitting at work right now watching this poor old woman get pegged with feces and can seriously relate. 66 more words


Chimpanzee Throws Poo At Old Lady

This sweet, innocent, windbreaker-wearing grandma didn't ask for this crappy surprise but got it anyway https://t.co/Ds6VgRaJLj pic.twitter.com/4Ab568lZmL

— Mashable (@mashable) April 3, 2017

Poor grandma!  She got poo slung on to her while at the Chimpanzee exhibit at the Detroit Zoo.