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18/365 - Baking! 

Today, we made banana cupcakes. Aeryn insisted that Lila the chimpanzee needed to help, so she sat on the counter top and diligently observed the proceedings. 15 more words


The Zoo: Cruel or Helpful?

If there is one thing that really digs deep under my skin and fuels fire when necessary, it’s animal cruelty. We hear time and time again about stories in which we abuse animals’ rights. 185 more words


Young chimp in rain

A sketch from my imagination. Pencil. Tried to capture a scene with some impact.

The White House

The poem is just for humor. No offense intended!

The back evolution of the red-monkey

from the chimpanzee is hilarious, but

at the same time hazardous. 679 more words


Get to know our closest relative - Chimpanzees in Kibale National Park

With a 98% identical genetic makeup to humans, the chimpanzee is our closest living relative. These fascinating animals are a joy to watch and viewing them in the wild should be part of any wildlife lover’s bucket list. 87 more words



by two

day out before returning to the realities of work…


A new kind of human-chimp relationship:

This cartoon is inspired by an Oedipal dream I had a few years back. A chimp, raised by a gay couple, runs away in search of his true father.

Digital Art