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Guangzhou day 8

I can’t get the aircon to the right temperature, but anyway it’s cooler than outside. I want to get up early and see the city coming to life. 677 more words


23 delicious foods you should eat in China

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China is a large country that’s home to many rich, flavorful dishes.

Although there are staples that can be found throughout the country, the cuisine varies greatly from region to region. 867 more words


Commentary: Why China dominates table tennis

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SINGAPORE: In the unpredictable world of Olympic sports, there are few things which can be said with near certainty. China winning table tennis gold medals is one of them. 1,316 more words

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Monday August 25 2014

It was a sunny day with clear blue skies, the perfect day to spend lounging at the pool. We met up with the gang there around 3:00 pm, and later Nate, Dan, Kat, Joe, and I went back to the bowling ally to use up the free passes we’d been given the last time we went. Good times all around.


'Pokémon Go' still isn't available in the biggest mobile game market in the world — here's why

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In every country around the world, people are playing games on their phones. But in no country are people more active in their play than in China, the most populous country in the world. 738 more words


Hong Kong to China day 8

China day 1
It’s quite a mess getting out of hk. After 4 changes of metro and asking in 3 places at hung hom station for a train to Guangzhou, I learnl that there are no trains running and my best option is a bus, crossing town on the 87d, I text Kk to confirm that I have to get to some place near Mong kok. 502 more words


Virtual private network (VPN) discussion in Singapore

The Straits Times

Virtual private network (VPN) has been a contentious piece of technology here in Singapore for years.

Content publishers are unhappy that consumers here use the technology to access blocked content meant for overseas markets, even though many paid for the content. 283 more words