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Better People-to-People Relations: The Key to Sino-African Growth

African governments and the Chinese government often state that their economic and political cooperation is based on friendship, equality and mutual respect. Yet these sentiments by government leaders are not reflected in the way the general population relates to each other. 703 more words



“Those who eat up riba shall only stand as would one who has been touched by Satan. That is because they say ‘Trading is just like riba.’ Allah has permitted trading and has forbidden riba.” 2,665 more words

News! Ethiopia: China establish textile industrial zone in Addis Ababa

The Ethiopian government is collaborating with a Chinese company, Zhejiang Jinda Flax Llc, to establish a textile industrial zone in Addis Ababa.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Industry and the Chinese textile company had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the industrial zone, designated for textile factories in the Bole District in Addis Ababa.

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China promises Africa $1 trillion in financing, but the true sum may never be known

China has pledged to provide $1 trillion in financing (paywall) to countries in Africa over the next 12 years. Speaking at a summit in Hong Kong, Zhao Changhui of China’s state-owned Export-Import (Exim) Bank said the money will go toward helping the region build highways, railways, airports and other infrastructure. 258 more words

China-Africa relations paper

This paper is written by myself for the course of “Chinese diplomacy” during my semester at Fudan University.
It shall give a short overview about the history and existing as well as upcoming concerns and opportunities.

Download:Sino-Africa Relations

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