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Niger is the latest African country to ban donkey exports to China

African countries are beginning to worry about their donkeys. Niger announced this week that it was banning the export of the animal because demand, mainly from Asia, had reached worrying levels. 226 more words

[Article] Of washing powder, Afrophobia and racism in China

To further complicate my previous blog about my personal experience with Guangzhou being an international city that hasn’t adequately coped with its identity yet, I want to share the following story: 1,107 more words


Portrait: Wang Hui Li

Wang Hui Li came to work at Harare’s China Garden restaurant five years ago because a relative needed an extra pair of hands. “My mother’s mother is the boss’s sister,” she told me, sounding a little uncertain. 199 more words

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Back to Zimbabwe 3 years later

It seems like ages have passed since we went to Zimbabwe in January this year. Life happened in the meantime, mostly in the form of writing my MA thesis, which gave me little chance to write anything other than just that. 1,609 more words


Response to “Ignorance of race not equivalent to racism” by Li Anshan

 Gregory Scott and Luyolo Sijake

After reading Professor Li’s piece “Ignorance of race not equivalent to racism”, we, as people of African descent from highly racialized societies currently living in China, felt it necessary to address and respond to some of the issues raised in the piece. 1,384 more words


How the chinese are modeling the new silk road: the AIIB and the "One Belt One Road" initiative

I would like to share the following map explaining the “One Belt One Road” initiative (一带一路) (Merics). This is to me one of the best examples of China’s global strategy of investment in infrastructure to support its commercial empire. 206 more words


A Zimbabwe politician says all the Chinese in his country should be deported

A member of a Zimbabwean opposition party has called for all Chinese nationals to be kicked out of the southern African country.

“ have contributed nothing of value except to aid a corrupt and repressive political system while looting away our national resources,” Willias Madzimure, the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) secretary for international relations wrote in… 296 more words