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Full steam ahead: China Railway Construction Corporation on the global stage

The China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) deserves a place in the China go global hall of fame purely because of its history in building the iconic Tam-Zam railway in East Africa which was the first major overseas Chinese project in the continent, its purpose to connect the Tanzanian coast with the copper mines of Zambia. 525 more words

China - Africa

Chinese investment in Africa has fallen 40% this year—but it's not all bad news

As more signs of a slowing Chinese economy materialize, worries about how Africa will be affected have reached a new high. Chinese investment in Africa… 370 more words

The real story behind China's alleged conquest of African farmland

The year is 2006. Deep in the African bush, drums beat while dancing women lead a delegation of Chinese officials to a set of soft armchairs lined in rows inside a large tent. 3,519 more words

Villain? Or vulnerable?

The story of a young Chinese manager in Kenya

I have to lean in to hear Zeng over the howling protests of steel meeting stone outside—although I suspect were we not on an active construction site, I might have still have to strain. 754 more words


Infographic: China - Africa Investment Slowdown

Chinese investment into Africa has finally slowed down according to figures from This is Africa.

Inward investment from China fell by 84% in the first half of 2015, compared to the same period last year. 99 more words


A Snapshot of Sany Heavy Industry

Sany Heavy Industry exemplifies many Chinese corporates – relatively anonymous, yet a massive global presence in a sector (6th largest firm in the world) that China is reknowned for its strength in. 304 more words

Frontier Markets

Research Reflections, Part II (finally).

UPDATE—So, with the end of my grant and readjusting to life back in the states, a “couple weeks” ended up stretching into a couple months—apologies to my hordes of devoted readers that were doubtless waiting for Part II with bated breath. 3,312 more words