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Donald Trump may push African countries away from America and closer to China

A Donald Trump presidency might push Africa in the direction of China.

While China is a newer partner to Africa than the United States, it plays a powerful role as a counterexample. 839 more words

The story of how China's oil and gas companies became global players

Chinese energy companies are the arrivistes of this huge global industry, wealthy, ambitious, but lacking the high tech drilling technology and years of experience that the western majors have. 1,148 more words

China Goes Global

China's model of economic development is becoming more popular in Africa than America's

More African countries are looking East for inspiration on how to grow and manage their economies. According to a survey by Afrobarometer, China is the second-most popular international presence on the continent, only slightly behind the United States.  390 more words

The Iron Road: How China is creating new opportunities through its overseas infrastructure projects

One of the reasons Chinese investments in Africa and Latin America have been so widely welcomed and celebrated is their focus on building rail, road and bridges. 1,025 more words

China Goes Global

The new Ethiopia - Djibouti rail link

China Railway Engineering Corporation have just completed a USD 3.4 billion rail project which links Addis Ababa to the strategically located East African port of Djibouti. 286 more words

China Goes Global

Niger is the latest African country to ban donkey exports to China

African countries are beginning to worry about their donkeys. Niger announced this week that it was banning the export of the animal because demand, mainly from Asia, had reached worrying levels. 226 more words

[Article] Of washing powder, Afrophobia and racism in China

To further complicate my previous blog about my personal experience with Guangzhou being an international city that hasn’t adequately coped with its identity yet, I want to share the following story: 1,107 more words