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Stats on International Students Studying in China

While thinking about quantitative, non-economic variables that highlight China-Africa ties, I became side-tracked with the ambiguity over African students in China numbers. There were official Ministry of Education (MOE) statistics, it seemed, just none consistently made available. 146 more words


How to save Africa's elephants, according to game theory

It’s no exaggeration to say that African elephants are in grave danger. The forest elephant, native to Central Africa, is on the edge of extinction… 978 more words

China is in the middle of diplomatic spat with one of its oldest allies in Africa

Zambian authorities have detained 31 Chinese citizens on suspicion of illegal copper mining, according to Chinese officials who have formally complained about the arrest.

“The government has always asked Chinese companies and citizens to respect the laws of the countries where they operate and does not shield illegal action… But China opposes selective law-enforcement actions against its citizens” China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying at a… 524 more words

Article Reflections #9 - Agricultural Training

In a recent World Development article, Tugendhat and Alemu present primary research on China’s short-term technical and policy training courses on agriculture.


Who attends these courses?  553 more words

Article Reflections

Firoze Manji on China - Africa Relations

Firoze Manji gave Mapping China an interview on May 4th on the state of China – Africa Relations. Firoze’s book “African Perspectives on China in Africa” 280 more words


There's one major pitfall for African countries along China's new Silk Road

China’s campaign to build a massive network of land and sea links connecting Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa is expected to benefit the African countries along the route. 351 more words

Article Reflection #8 - Agri-tech Demo Centers

Starting with the 2006 Forum on China-Africa Cooperation summit, China announced that it would build agricultural technology demonstration centers (ATDCs) in partner African countries. ATDCs have been constructed in over 20 countries so far, and… 235 more words

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