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'China's gift to Africa' actually Trojan horse, but does continent care?

The Sino-African linkage was elevated to a new level on 28 January 2012, when the new headquarters of the African Union in Addis Ababa was officially inaugurated. 878 more words


China's role in Zimbabwe's regime change says more about China than Zimbabwe

The fall of Robert Mugabe has dominated global coverage of Africa over the past few weeks. In Western coverage of the first week after the coup in Zimbabwe there was… 850 more words

China And Zimbabwe: No Great Change In The Weather

WHATEVER WORD IS is used to describe the process of separating Zimbabwe’s long-serving president, Robert Mugabe, from power, China will have lost a long-standing political friend on the continent. 488 more words


Confucius Institutes across Africa are nurturing generations of pro-China Mandarin speakers

Lusaka, Zambia

Ten Zambian women sit in a row, readjusting hairdos and smoothing skirts in a flutter of nerves. Another young woman is in tears on the manicured lawn of Lusaka’s Chinese embassy, with a number 1 pinned to her prom-style dress. 1,689 more words

A Chinese exhibit comparing Africans to animals shows the problematic racial attitudes in China


As a black woman in China, I’ve been relatively fortunate. My negative experiences have mostly consisted of being photographed and gawked at by Chinese people. 1,186 more words

China's "rogue aid" to Africa isn't as much or as controversial as we thought

A decade ago, a New York Times columnist coined the term “rogue aid” to describe China’s financial assistance in the developing world: nontransparent, nondemocratic, and above all self-interested. 693 more words

China and Africa Resources Part 2: Books

by Julia Tatrai

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Africans in China

Bodomo, Adams (ed.) (2016) Africans in China: Guangdong and Beyond, New York: Diasporic Africa Press… 1,138 more words