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These industries in Africa will suffer the most in a Chinese slowdown

No region may be more affected by a financial meltdown in China than Africa. “If China sneezes, Africa can now catch a cold,” researchers with the International Monetary Fund concluded last year. 484 more words

Photos: African cities are starting to look eerily like Chinese ones

It’s easy to see China’s footprint in Africa. On the outskirts of Nairobi, a new highway built by a Chinese firm is crowded with bumper-to-bumper traffic, many of the cars set on tires imported from China. 942 more words

Sub-Saharan Africa still overwhelmingly prefers the US to China

Most Sub-Saharan African countries approve more of the White House than Chinese leadership, according to a new poll. While Chinese investment and trade has far outpaced the US, all but two of 11 countries polled by the survey company Gallup showed higher approval rating for US leadership over China’s. 164 more words

A Chinese company is building a railway through Nairobi's national wildlife sanctuary

A Chinese-funded multi-billion dollar rail link between Kenya’s capital and the port city of Mombasa will cut through Nairobi’s national park for wildlife, according to officials. 298 more words

Media coverage of Obama's Africa visit spoke to different sides of the US-Africa-China triangle

When Air Force One landed in Nairobi last week, a local television broadcaster almost burst into tears watching the US presidential plane cruise down the tarmac. 427 more words

In Ethiopia, Obama and the United States stand in China's long shadow

When US president Barack Obama speaks in front of the African Union in Ethiopia today (July 28), he will address the delegation at the organization’s new, shiny headquarters—built by the Chinese. 515 more words

[Translation] China: A New El Dorado for Africa's Great Minds

I recently contributed to an article about African students in China that was published in the French newspaper Le Monde. As I–and most of my dedicated readers–can’t read French, I wanted to post an English translation on my blog. 569 more words