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The Beauty of the Unknown

It’s a cool, serene night, the landscape lit up by a nearly full moon. There’s a quiet and lonely calmness unique to such isolated, remote corners of the earth. 2,459 more words


China Culture | Tang Treasures from Arabic shipwreck are on display at the Aga Khan Museum, Toronto

An exhibition of Tang treasures from a 1,200-year-old Arabic shipwreck opened in December at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, Canada. The exhibit, done in cooperation with Singapore, runs until April 26. 513 more words


The Lost Dhow Exhibition confirms the flourishing trade between Chinese and Muslim Empires

The Silk Route (Road) was an ancient network of routes stretching for over six thousand miles from China across Central Asia to the Middle East and the Mediterranean. 835 more words


200TH Day Update

Another 100 days have flown by! And with it a significantly different pace of traveling relative to the first 100 days. This period gradually shifted from a fast-paced, social, adventurous nature to a more relaxed and stagnant one. 985 more words