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China Life: Air Pollution Matters

The environment is a big deal. I mean, it’s all around us, and altogether we have just one planet. One planet that we are doing a fine job of messing up. 1,518 more words


Picture Perfect China: Xingcheng 

In an effort to show China at some of its best moments, I’m going to post my favourite photos that I’ve taken from cities that I’ve visited in the country! 219 more words


On the China connections and our democracy

On Saturday, New Zealand voters elected as a member of Parliament Jian Yang, a man who:

  • by his own acknowledgement
    • was formerly a member of the Chinese Communist Party (many experts claim that the way the party works, no one is ever regarded as having left unless they are expelled),
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NZ Politics

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Michael Reddell explores an issue largely ignored by many, especially the MSM. Whatever you might think the arguments are worth looking at. Some of the arguments are very persuasive.

A story of two Attorneys-General

On Wednesday evening I wrote about the despicable conduct of our Attorney-General, senior National Party Cabinet minister, and minister for various intelligence agencies, Chris Finlayson. 1,490 more words

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An interesting post with several very useful comments in the thread. Not sure I totally agree, but it provides much food for thought.

Thought of the day

On the 5 year anniversary of me being at my current job I think this is very apt!

It’s a balance to get the most out of life whilst holding down a job, sometimes we get this balance just right and other times we don’t. 8 more words

Thought Of The Day

Rahman Jamal named Visiting Professor Tongji University Shanghai China

Rahman Jamal has been named Visiting Professor for Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) at the CDHAW of the Tongji University Shanghai in China. 235 more words

Ismaili Muslims In The News

Off the beaten path in China – Xingcheng 兴城

It was by accident that I learnt about the little town of Xingcheng. I was browsing Googlemaps, looking for cities I could potentially go and visit during the Spring Festival in February, when I saw the city of Huludao. 2,732 more words