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China hopes censorship and patriotic netizens will make its WWII parade a global victory

There are plenty of complaints ahead of China’s Sept. 3 WWII victory march plans. International critics are worried the military parade could whip up nationalism in the country, 483 more words

China's censors are cracking down on the Party's main mouthpiece, the People's Daily

The People’s Daily newspaper, the leading mouthpiece of China’s Communist Party, almost always trumpets the government’s official policies and ideologies. But now two of its top leaders  517 more words

Why Chinese censorship couldn't stop 'Big Bang Theory' fans

Last week The Big Bang Theory reappeared in China, more than a year after being mysteriously blocked from viewers.

Back in April 2014, the CBS hit disappeared from a legal video-streaming site, for reasons the country’s television regulator never explained. 777 more words


A Loser of Great Intrigue

Today is the first time I’ve written in more than a week. Some of that is my fault. Laziness. Apathy. The desire to watch more than one movie in a day. 741 more words

China Reporters Foundation Establishes Gao Yu Citizen Journalism Award to Promote Press Freedom in China

Dear friends and colleagues,

We have just launched Gao Yu Citizen Journalism Award in honor of our veteran Chinese journalist Gao Yu, who has been recently sentenced to a 7-year jail term by the Chinese authorities on baseless charge of “illegally providing state secrets beyond borders.” Now we are planning a campaign to raise funds for her early release, and for the 2016 Award ceremony in Hong Kong on World Press Freedom Day on May 3, 2016. 240 more words

China Censorship

With its bizarre numerical WeChat ban, the Chinese government has reached peak Tiananmen paranoia

26 years ago tomorrow, the People’s Liberation Army mowed down protesters in Tiananmen Square and elsewhere in Beijing. Though it’s never openly discussed in China, behind closed doors people refer to the massacre simply by its date, “six-four,” for June 4th. 364 more words

China's military has declared war on Western thought on the internet

China’s military says the internet has become its main ideological battlefield and that it should build a “Great Wall” online to protect the country’s citizens from “hostile Western forces.” A  391 more words