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A Local Chinese Government Will Oversee Apple’s New iCloud Data Center

China’s Guizhou province, where Apple has set up its first data center in the country, plans to create a working committee chaired by communist party members to oversee the U.S. 269 more words


What Happened to Apple’s Moral Backbone?

Last year, Apple was on a moral high in its defiant standoff with the FBI over whether the company would help the agency unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters. 637 more words


China Holds Drill to Shut Down 'Harmful' Websites

China held a drill on Thursday with internet service providers to practice taking down websites deemed harmful, as the country’s censors tighten control ahead of a sensitive five-yearly political reshuffle set to take place later this year. 374 more words


China's internet crackdown reaches new level of restriction

Foreign VPNs have been removed from China’s Apple stores, WhatsApp messages are being filtered and a massive censorship campaign scrubbed social media of Liu Xiaobo. What is happening to the Chinese web? 1,446 more words


China’s Top Cyber Watchdog Is Making More Demands on Tech Firms

China’s top cyber authority ordered the country’s top tech firms to carry out “immediate cleaning and rectification” of their platforms to remove content deemed offensive to the Communist Party and the country’s national image, it said on Wednesday. 267 more words


What happens when you try to send politically sensitive messages on WeChat

In China, you can use WeChat for just about everything—sending messages, transferring money, ordering a taxi, reading the news, even doing your laundry. But there is one thing that WeChat won’t let you do: discuss politically sensitive topics in a group. 6,550 more words

China's WeChat Is a Censorship Juggernaut

Earlier this month the Chinese social media giant Tencent passed Wells Fargo as the world’s tenth most valuable publicly traded company.

It would never have grown to that size were it not for the company’s close relationship with China’s government. 521 more words