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China's angry investors leap the Great Firewall—and are shocked by what they learn of Beijing

China’s elaborate censorship mechanism, nicknamed the Great Firewall, blocks tens of thousands of foreign websites deemed hostile to the Communist Party regime.

While some internet users inside China count on services like VPNs and proxies to get access to Facebook, Twitter, and overseas news outlets, many Chinese netizens never bother. 1,250 more words

China Newspaper Calls ‘Zootopia’ American Propaganda

Chinese officials have long been vigilant, paranoid even, about Hollywood spreading Western values in the country.

The latest proof appears as an editorial in a People’s Liberation Army newspaper criticizing… 251 more words


The Architect of China’s Great Firewall Was Himself Blocked by the Firewall

Talk about irony.

Fang Binxing, the controversial creator of China’s Great Firewall, the filtering mechanism by which the government dictates what Chinese can and can’t see online, was himself… 643 more words


Mark Zuckerberg Meets With China's Propaganda Czar

Facebook’s co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg met China’s propaganda tsar Liu Yunshan in Beijing on Saturday as part of a charm offensive in one of the few markets where the social network cannot be accessed. 424 more words


China's new television rules ban homosexuality, drinking, and vengeance

This article was updated with information about new online rules.

In the past decade, Chinese society has embraced homosexuality more openly than many neighboring nations in Asia. 1,211 more words

China’s Trump Slams Government and Gets Muzzled

Imagine if Donald Trump’s Twitter account was suspended after hot-headed White House aides took umbrage at his latest criticisms lobbed at President Obama’s government.

That’s the latest scenario playing out in China, where President Xi Jinping’s administration is targeting criticism from any corner of the country; first human rights advocates, now retired voices from the business world. 319 more words


In an unexpected turnaround, China released journalist Gao Yu on parole

Amidst China’s ongoing crackdown on journalists critical of the government, authorities have made an unexpected concession.

Gao Yu, a 71-year-old journalist who was jailed for allegedly leaking “state secrets” to international media, was granted medical parole, … 255 more words