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The soul of a doll

I spend a lot of time staring into the eyes of dolls, looking for someone to stare back.

For a doll to star in these stories, you have to be able to imagine what she what’s going on her head. 345 more words

Fashion Dolls

Writing plots for doll adventures

or, The Case of the Headless Doll

I knew as soon as I started writing for Rosie that I wanted one of her adventures to involve dolls. 755 more words

Fashion Dolls

Rosie's Doll Adventure, Part 1

Rosie’s first real adventure begins, quietly enough, with trains, dolls, and a bedtime story.

and then . . . to be continued in about 4 weeks when we return to Rosie’s story. 386 more words

Fashion Dolls

China Doll

Tell me once more
how you treasure my
silky locks
held together with a pair of chopsticks
how you crave my
porcelain skin
smooth as the china in your display cabinet. 71 more words


The Making of Moira

Some antique dolls are just special, and you know it when you find them, even when they are not whole. Moira is such a doll. I found her as a shoulder-head with no body sitting on a shelf with another more common shoulder-head. 775 more words

China Dolls

China Doll

China Doll

On a shelf she sits,
On the wall,
Beautiful and defined,
The china doll.

They pass her by,
Smile and look.
Her soul, 39 more words


The August Dolls

Some seasons, at the semi-annual Portland Crossroads Doll & Teddy Bear Show & Sale, I find  my bag filling up with every manner of doll accessory. 1,446 more words

China Dolls