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China Mieville - Three Moments of an Explosion: Stories (2015)


China Mieville is a virtuoso maverick writer who is impossible to label. He is too strange for the fantasy genre (which tells you something about the strict expectations within fantasy) and too fantastical for the horror and science fiction genres. 589 more words

Science Fiction

Things I loved in 2015: Nos. 10-6

After four days winding our way through the thick jungles of culture with nothing but the dull pocketknife of my wit to cut through the overgrown foliage, we have at last cracked the top ten. 1,214 more words

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Books, Suggestive RPG’s, & Charcoal.

So this post has been moved from tomorrow to today. I think Friday nights are not everyone’s preferred reading times so I thought I might try posting the entry on Thursdays for a bit and see how things go. 580 more words

1. General Info & Things I Like

Perdido Street Station

To start out with, I’m going to be discussing end-plot details, so if you haven’t yet read Perdido Street Station, I recommend that you do so before reading further. 771 more words


Science fiction vs. fantasy

Hello Internet,

Today I’m going to talk briefly about the key differences between science fiction and fantasy – two of the mainstays of speculative fiction. Although these two genres are often found together in bookstores, libraries, and online stores, there are several crucial rules that separate and define them. 1,044 more words

where did monday go

1. I feel like I’ve been out of the general loop of things for a few days now; my son was sick for most of last week, and I stayed home with him twice, and between that and having yesterday off, I’ve simply lost track of time and space.   536 more words


Omnireviewer (week of Jan. 10, 2016)

Here’s the non-Bowie portion of my week. The Bowie portion is here. 10 reviews. No picks of the week. Nothing stood out. (Scan down to the fourth item on the list and decide for yourself if this is a deliberate provocation.) 898 more words