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Reader's Corner: 'The Last Days of New Paris'

In the latest novel from China Miéville, the year is 1950 and World War II is still dragging on. Paris is in Stalingrad-like ruins from years of battle. 108 more words


China Miéville's This Census Taker

China Miéville, This Census Taker (Picador 2016)

A friend who know I’d enjoyed China Miéville’s The City and The City  lent me this very short book. 400 more words


Adrien Miéville Kong

O macaco japonês ouvindo música francesa na Estação Pedido

Eu estou enrolada escrevendo uns projetos e por isso não deu para postar nas últimas semanas. Isso e, claro, teve aquele negócio de Olimpíadas que eu preciso assistir de 4 em 4 anos, porque é a única chance que tenho de ver tênis de mesa na televisão. 474 more words

'The Last Days of New Paris' Is Weird, Clever and...Good Enough

China Miéville is one of the great fantasists of the English language. Perdido Street Station is a new-weird masterpiece, while The City & the City… 608 more words


Perdido Street Station Review

The first book I’ve read that I could’ve read just for the setting. Miéville’s New Crobuzon, the city in which Perdido Street Station is set, is teeming with thousands of nooks and crannies that, on reading this book, felt like turning over suspect rocks on the beach.  596 more words

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Pilgrim Award acceptance speech

Back at the start of July, I was awarded the Science Fiction Research Association’s Pilgrim Lifetime Achievement Award for Critical Contributions to the Study of Science Fiction and Fantasy (which is its full title, I think). 1,846 more words


A Word on Rejectamenta: Why I Chose a New Tagline

Having just polished off another fantastic novel by China Miéville, Perdido Street Station, I found myself Googling him. Miéville has captured my mind in a way many authors fail to. 315 more words