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Have you ever seen an oil rig hatch?

Short stories are an extremely accessible type of Ecocriticism, due to their wide audience range and availability, for example, China Miéville’s short story Covehithe was posted on the Guardian website in 2011. 596 more words

Random Runs #3

Three or more (mostly) sequential issues of a comic book series.  Considered as encountered, by circumstances more often than design.

Dial H For Hero #1-3, DC, July-September 2012… 385 more words

Random Runs

‘I have gone where you did not want me to go’ (Lenin) @VersoBooks

October: The Story of the Russian Revolution by China Mieville

Such enthusiastic bedlam might seem a nightmare, or a strange, faltering carnival, depending on one’s perspective.

1,851 more words

We’ll always have Petrograd

October: the story of the Russian Revolution

China Miéville

Verso, 2017

An enormous amount of intellectual effort is necessary to unearth what significance, if any, the Russian revolutions of 1917 hold for us today. 847 more words

Raya Dunayevskaya

We are sick and tired of living in debt and slavery... We want space and light...

Those who count themselves on the side of the revolution must engage with these failures and crimes. To do otherwise is to fall into apologia, special pleading, hagiography – and to run the risk of repeating such mistakes. 168 more words


My reading hours this month were severely disrupted by frequent trips to the vet, with my ailing companion, Chocolat. Added to this was my own seasonal headcold with its attendant miseries, exacerbated by skirmishes with the plumbing contractor. 273 more words


China Mieville - The Last Days of New Paris (2016) Review


What a very, very unusual novella.

Ok, so this is Paris in the 1940s and the Nazis are trying to take over the city. We follow the resistance fighter Thibaut as he undertakes an exhausting trip through the abandoned streets. 570 more words