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Iron Council (2004) by China Miéville

The road is a sentence written on the ground… (p. 199)

And in Iron Council, that sentence is a manifesto. A tale where quest meets unrest, an unexpected journey, there and back again, not to destroy or retrieve a magical talisman, but to unshackle the working class. 1,372 more words

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China Mieville: The City and the City

I really enjoyed this novel when I first read it five years ago. It scrambled my brain then, and a re-read hoping to make things a bit clearer produced the same effect, as well as convincing me at the end that it really is brilliant. 355 more words

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This Census Taker — the next novel by China Miéville!

Random House is listing a new China Miéville novel for January 2016, titled This Census Taker. What a weird title! There’s nearly no information about this book, other than the fact that it’s somewhere in the range of 208 pages (early page counts are never exact), and that it apparently comes under the genres “contemporary fantasy” and “literary fiction”. 31 more words

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Into the wilds with China Miéville's Bas-Lag trilogy

Book review: Perdido Street Station; The Scar; Iron Council, by China Miéville

One city formed from ships bound together and dragged across oceans by a huge creature that makes a whale look like a minnow; another on a train, founded on the principles of freedom and decorated with the skulls of enemies and predators mounting relentless assaults – two moving renegade outposts both hunted and drawn to what for many of their inhabitants is their original home, New Crobuzon, a chaotic (and stationary) metropolis populated by a startling variety of beings. 367 more words


Three Tidbits of an Explosion

Just a few tidbits about the steadily approaching new collection from China Miéville, Three Moments of an Explosion:

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Three Moments of an Explosion: Stories by China Mieville

Want to read about sinister icebergs appearing afloat in the skies of London? It’s here. Long ago sunk ships forging legs and shambling out of the ocean? 556 more words


Railsea by China Mieville

Sham ap Soorap is a newly hired doctor’s assistant on a Moletrain with a captain eager to hunt down her philosophy: a giant white mole that ripped her arm from her body. 455 more words

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