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i could not see the street or much of the estate.


i live in the interstice yes, but i live in both the city and the city.

The City & The City - TV Review

Personal Space

This adaptation of a complicated sci-fi novel grips throughout, and is bolstered by committed performances, assured direction and a keen sense of atmosphere and pace. 798 more words


Unit 123: Invisible Cities Pt 4 City of Shadows

I was already thinking about how I could feature Brighton &/or Hove in relation to this project, but I didn’t want to go down the beach/seaside path. 188 more words

Unit 123: Invisible Cities

The Last Days of New Paris - China Miéville

Date Finished: April 29th 2018

Most of this year has been a nonfiction binge, but I found myself burning out, so switched back to the world of fiction. 507 more words


China Miéville ‘The City & The City’

As I turned, I saw past the edges of the estate to the end of GunterStrász, between the dirty brick buildings. Trash moved in the wind. 611 more words


Two literary TV series that I'm looking forward to (and one that I'm enjoying now)

TV is exciting at the moment, isn’t it? While there is plenty of fascinating TV shows based on original content (one of my favourites, Mad Men, comes to mind), it’s no surprise that this is the perfect format for book adaptations. 1,499 more words