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Un Lun Dun

Deeba’s friend Zanna seems to be getting a lot of extra attention- of the strange kind. Animals stare at her, strangers dressed in old- fashioned clothes act flustered around her, and even once an old umbrella floating outside her first- floor bedroom window! 149 more words

China Miéville

Film review: Arrival (2016)

I finally made it to the cinema to see Arrival last night, a couple of weeks after it came out to great acclaim. Promising an intelligent take on first contact with an alien species, with particular emphasis on the linguistic business of deciphering the alien language and writing system, it was a film I was very eager to see. 1,290 more words



o curte de doisprezece pe doisprezece, plină de cărămidă și piatră veche sfărâmată, și înconjurată de spatele clădirilor. Într-o latură a curții, un gard de lemn nefinisat ascundea strada care flanca șantierul, iar deasupra gardului se înălțau zidurile vechi de cărămidă ale magazinelor și caselor antice. 30 more words


Book Review: Railsea

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Wow. This was one of the most bizarre books that I have ever read. I’m serious. I have never read something so weird and intriguing and just plain strange. 745 more words

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City and the City

Mieville, China. The City and the City. Read by John Lee. New York: Random House, 2009.

Reason read: November is Imagination month and believe me, this book takes the imagination to the moon. 355 more words

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The Last Days of New Paris by China Mieville

China Mieville is one of my favorite authors because he consistently writes books with interesting ideas. He’s good at taking different pieces and putting them together in novel ways. 374 more words