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[BOOK REVIEW] The Last Days of New Paris by China Mieville

At the start of WWII, American occult-engineer Jack Parsons ingeniously harnesses the imaginative power of the greatest surrealist artists of the day, and inadvertently causes the S-Blast; a nuclear-like explosion that brings to life manifestations of abnormal miscreations painted within famous (and not so famous) artworks of this bohemian collective. 285 more words


A review of Perdido Street Station

“Veldt to scrub to fields to farms to these first tumbling houses that rise from the earth.”


No better way to start this book than with a slow monologue of a complete stranger entering the grimy, blood-stained, bone-bleached city of New Crobuzon. 760 more words


Reader's Diary #02: Will Save the Galaxy for Witches Abroad in October

Well, well, have I been a busy bookworm in those short moments of freedom before my last terrible, bad, no-good exam.

This week provided gallons in terms of both entertainment and value thanks to two excellent audiobooks — the first is October, authored by China Mieville. 385 more words


Review: The Last Days of New Paris

1941. In the chaos of wartime Marseille, American engineer–and occult disciple–Jack Parsons stumbles onto a clandestine anti-Nazi group, including Surrealist theorist Andre Breton. In the strange games of the dissident diplomats, exiled revolutionaries, and avant-garde artists, Parsons finds and channels hope.

602 more words

The Limits of Utopia


Dystopias infect official reports.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) demands a shift in our emissions by a third to avoid utter disaster. 7,572 more words


Perdido Street Station by China Mieville

In university, I took a Literary Traditions course that featured Charles Dickens’ novel Hard Times. It tells the story of Coketown, a fictional, industrial mill town in the 1850s where buildings are bland, sooty, carbon copies of one another. 1,089 more words


Free Abraxa

It is not an accident of History that Thomas More’s Utopia was written at the early stages of European global conquest. Utopia needs to be “away.” Apart from. 130 more words