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Lost in the Streets (of Shanghai)

Shanghai Afternoon at the French Concession ~I would love to pick out a roadside cafe, window side table, caramel macchiato (♥) in hand, washed-out afternoon 2pm, and just read poetry. 736 more words


At the Gates of Shanghai

We are in Shanghai! My home away from home ~ It feels so strange to finally be so close to my family – grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. 136 more words


To the fallen ~ Nanjing Massacre Museum

Thank you history books for not teaching me about Nanjing. Thank you media for only highlighting China as a red sea of communism and disregarding its people’s suffering. 432 more words


A Sea of Colors - Zhejiang, China

Here is Zhejiang in a completely different light than my last post. Completely gorgeous – a sea of colors, ever vibrant and lasting of cultural remnants and also, might I say, in touch with nature.  330 more words


the ones left behind - Zhejiang, China

As I’ve noticed, things in China are meant to be swallowed: the dingy apartment complexes, newspaper stands, drink vendors, all of it. There a silence that seemingly lingers in places only alive in memories, one that begs to be remembered. 391 more words


Day Trip to Yangzhou

See, China understands me. My ideal breakfast in a dish: fruit, fruit, fruit, and desserts! (There is nothing more I wanted in life).

Today, we had a (half)day trip to Yangzhou planned. 393 more words


Nanjing! Nanjing!

“Collect beautiful moments not things”  

When you get the chance to fly and end up with window seat, the one thing you must do is stare out the window (longingly, romantically, and passionately) at the city of clouds, how they just barely form white mountain peaks against the pink horizon. 428 more words