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Old Dongmen

   In Shenzhen, there is Dongmen Market and then there is OLD Dongmen Market, which is where we went in search of some eats, knowing we would find much more than that. 124 more words


I went to Dafen Village in search of the the highly regarded Oil Painting replicas that have been done there since the 90’s. I did not find them. 89 more words

Shenzhen by Day

Shenzhen is a place of industry. With Skyscrapers going up around you and electronic markets occupying  10+ floors of some of the already existing ones, the place is nearly vibrating. 131 more words

Bye Bye Shanghai

(above: exo’s D.O. came to give me his best wishes, what a sweetheart)

With anything, comes one’s time of departure. The pastry egg tarts, the boom of construction sites rising and falling, dancing grandmas and their fans, will all reside into happy memories of days past. 386 more words


shaoguan walking street and food (韶关步步行街)

Shaoguan is approximately 3 hours by train from guangzhou.

Back to my roots, shaoguan is largely dominated by hakkas and there are a lot 维楼 ( hakka round houses) in its outskirt. 497 more words

Travel Stories

My Experience in an Ancient Town: Fengjing

My day trip to Fengjing ~ a small water town on the outskirts of Shanghai. Fengjing is one of the area’s ancient towns and is popular with Chinese tourists as a little day get-away. 702 more words


Coffee(ing) my Lungs out (Sick Day in Shanghai)

I like puns but they don’t like me :( My flu reached it peak today and we decided to book a visit to the hospital. My only experience with Shanghai hospitals has been on the dark side (grimy hallways out of a horror movie, crowds of people rushing line to line, poker-face nurses stabbing needles, and patients clutching their bleeding wrists with cotton pads hastily pasted on). 394 more words