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A Bike in a China Shop

“It occurs to me that the peculiarity of most things we think of as fragile is how tough they truly are. There were tricks we did with eggs, as children, to show how they were, in reality, tiny load-bearing marble halls; while the beat of the wings of a butterfly in the right place, we are told, can create a hurricane across an ocean. 49 more words

Pecah Tidak Selamanya Berarti Membeli


Akuarium bulat tempat ikan koki hidup seorang diri jatuh ke lantai, pecahan kacanya berserakan di lantai, sementara air yang semula mengisi akuarium membasahi kaki saya beserta dengan si ikan koki yang megap-megap di lantai minta… 1,661 more words


Learn how to "creat" the most handsome eyebrows

Lead: Today eyebrows sector is no longer a willow bow eyebrow dominate the month, the show floor of the bushy eyebrows wind getting hard. Right now it’s just red bushy eyebrows, you learn how to manage it?  490 more words

Fresh and very extravagance can not monotonous style most flavored Malaysia

Lead: small fresh and extravagance pressing really tune it? See the mix of people today, I think the answer is of course no! Many big-name high street brands or new release of 2014, this is still a fresh cream color trends, you may wish to add a little fresh extravagance, allowing two more harmonious. 305 more words

Early spring so what new stuff? Come and look for your cup of tea malaysia

Lead: The relationship between early spring and summer as the Golden Globe and Oscar perhaps, the former is the latter benchmark is preheated! And early spring generally more practical to wear, do not come to see that your dish!  256 more words


I love my kitten, but oh my gosh he is like a bull in a china shop. This morning Aust was still asleep, the house was quiet and then all of a sudden the loudest crash. 50 more words