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Tours and our reclusive lifestyle

The mad season is upon us

Mid September, emails are coming fast and furious. Phones are ringing. Just 2 weeks ago all was quiet. How things change and fast as the spring weather kicks in. 681 more words

A long but good day

Auckland to the far north today – And a flattering compliment to finish the day

A small group from China aboard to day for the 4.5 drive which I turned into 8 hours from Auckland to the far north of New Zealand. 399 more words

Spring must have arrived here in New Zealand

Spring must have arrived

Finally able to take the jerseys off so back to just Tee shirt. Nights still a little chilly but definitely warmer although for me Xiaoli finally returned from her month in China, so extra body warmth in the bed helps. 465 more words

The boss is on her way home from China!

The boss comes home tomorrow

Yes, Xiaoli my wife and boss arrives home tomorrow. Her plane arrives from Chengdu China 6.40pm if on time. For me I face a 4.5 hour drive to Auckland to collect her with several stops on the way. 623 more words

Come walk on a live volcano with us

Have you ever been up and close with a live volcano?

We have designed a 6 day tour that on day two you get the opportunity to get up and close to one of New Zealands live volcanoes. 739 more words

The bullet train in China - I loved it

I rode the bullet train – A first time experience

I had heard about bullet trains but never had the opportunity to ride on one before. 387 more words

Our summer tourist season approaches

As I write this there is no internet connection. Bugger!

The issues with living remote in New Zealand. We may live in the supposed winterless north in the far north of New Zealand but a storm with reasonably high winds has come through, so I am guessing it has in some way knocked out the transmitter. 650 more words