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China Corporate Venture Capital Pouring Money into US Startups

Chinese investment in U.S. venture market has been exploding over the past couple years, especially now State Owned Enterprises (SOE) have joined the army of CVC since 2014. 346 more words


COP21: Follow The Money

THE PARIS CLIMATE talks — formally the United Nations 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) — starting on November 30 will be a political bun fight in which China as the world’s biggest polluter will be at the centre. 1,285 more words


Navies Calm Dangerous Waters Beneath The Political Storms

THE RECENT ‘FREEDOM of navigation’ passage by the US Navy’s destroyer, the USS Lassen, through the Spratly islands was sandwiched between a visit by 27 US naval… 873 more words


Beijing And Washington Plot Course Through Disputed Waters Dispute

IT HAS BEEN three years since the United States sailed a warship within 12-miles of Subi Reef, part of the South China Sea’s Spratly islands that China claims as the Nansha islands. 324 more words


Win-Win Ways In Washington

PRESIDENT XI JINPING’S visit to the United States delivered as little, in the eyes of the outside world, as had been expected. On that score, it did not disappoint. 402 more words


Decoding CCP Catchphrases

With Chinese President Xi Jinping coming to the United States for a visit later this month, I am sure that some of these stock CCP catchphrases will be used. 119 more words


Seattle is nearly as important as the White House during Xi Jinping's upcoming US trip

Xi Jinping’s first ever state visit to the United States, expected to take place on Sept. 24-25, is going to be preceded by a short, meeting-filled pit stop in Seattle that begins Sept. 413 more words