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Donald Trump, Taiwan And Interesting Times

NO ONE CAN accuse the president-elect of United States, Donald Trump (above), of hiding his antagonism towards China when he was on the campaign trail. He bluntly accused Beijing of “stealing” American jobs and manipulating its currency and was critical of it for “militarising” the South China Sea. 221 more words


What now for the Rebalance?

Written by Ali Wyne.

As U.S. President Barack Obama approaches the end of his time in office, a convergence of developments is challenging his principal foreign-policy initiative, the effort to rebalance America’s strategic equities towards the Asia-Pacific. 1,379 more words


Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy and China

Written by Alek Chance.

The fact we must all immediately confront when thinking about America’s future foreign policy is that we know very little. Forecasting an incoming president’s foreign policy is always a difficult task—see, for example, the promised “humble” foreign policy of George W. 1,285 more words

Xi Jinping

How China’s SOEs Impede US-China Economic Integration

Written by Ho-fung Hung.

Since Trump’s surprise election win, many have speculated whether he will fulfill his campaign promise to stop US companies’ outsourcing to China by raising tariffs against Chinese-made goods and penalizing US companies that have shifted their operation to China. 1,169 more words


China’s WTO Compliance: The US Reaction

Written by David Shinn.

The United States has had an annual trade deficit with China going back more than 30 years. In 2015, U.S. exports to China totaled $116 billion while imports from China reached $483 billion, leaving a U.S. 1,061 more words


How Much Candidate Trump Will President Trump Contain?

THE U.S.PRESIDENT-ELECT, Donald Trump (above), had few kind words for China during the presidential election campaign. He accused it of stealing millions of American manufacturing jobs and threatened protectionist tariffs against Chinese exports. 690 more words


Chinese International Students - A New Hope?

Chinese students represent the largest number of international students in America, and they continue to enroll in higher numbers. In addition, more and more of these students are making the decision to return home for employment. 577 more words