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United States Puts Trade War On Hold

THE US-CHINA trade war is on hold. Official. Or official, at least until the US president tweets that it is back on, or was never off or is over. 627 more words


China Is Back In The Korea Game

THIS BYSTANDER WAS was reminded this week that it was then South Korean president Park Geun-hye who was invited to the grand military parade in Tiananmen Square in 2015, not neighbouring North Korea’s still newish leader Kim Jong-un. 874 more words


Recent U.S. Congressional Committee Hearings on China’s Military

Written by Bert Chapman.

U.S. congressional committees play an important role in U.S. government policymaking due to their legislative, oversight, war declaration, and funding authorities granted in Article I of the U.S. 981 more words


US-China tariffs in an interconnected world

Written by Greg C. Wright.

On March 22, the Trump administration lobbed its second volley in a planned escalation of punitive trade measures against America’s trading partners. 689 more words


Trade war, 'Made in China' and the battle for supremacy

Written by Qing Shan Ding.

Despite the Chinese government repeatedly commenting that they do not want a trade war with the US, the situation seems to be escalating. 1,196 more words


U.S.–China trade: Jockeying for influence

Written by Charles Hankla.

As the United States and China clash over trade, we are witnessing the volatile interaction of two great powers, each in flux and trying to redefine its relationship with the world economy. 1,347 more words


China-U.S. turmoil: Bigger than Trump, more than a trade dispute

Written by Charles Burton.

The unprecedented high-level delegation to Beijing led by the US Treasury Secretary and the U.S.’s hardest liners on China trade including Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, U.S. 1,004 more words