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Short Response To A Critic

No, my poems





Ezra Pound.



If I wouldn’t know I’m in China, I would never say it. Shanghai looks so much like an European city. It’s heart is the Bund, a waterfront promenade lined up with colonial-era buildings. 268 more words

It's All About You

Teacher Krista

There was this time, when I was a kid, when I thought that I might want to be a teacher one day.

I talked myself out of it at one point, because I didn’t think I had any patience. 605 more words

Attended Business Exhibition

AINA BP Director: Satoru Komori attended a business exhibition in Toyama Prefecture, Japan on November 15th 2018.
He introduced a 3D printer “Thunder” which is produced by BIQU of Shenzhen, China.


Read (Years Ago): Never Grow Up

This book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon for $13.99.

I read this sometime in 2015, and it was the original version, which was in Mandarin (Simplified Chinese). 630 more words


per capita growth rates since the end of the Cold War

Here are the per capita growth rates since the end of the Cold War (1990):

Italy 0.5%
Russia 0.6%
Japan 0.9%
Spain 1.0%
France 1.0% 13 more words


In an aluminum cigar

Flying during the night is tiring, and in the day it is boring. I finished a hefty daytime shot of whisky and depolarized a window to look out of the Dreamliner flying from Delhi to Shanghai. 142 more words