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People With Depression Can Have A Good Day?

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Just came back from a trip visiting my family in China. 27 more words


China: Chinese activists urge Xi Jinping to learn from Magna Carta

October 13, 2015

(British officials have hailed Magna Carta’s arrival as the latest milestone in a ‘golden era’ of UK-China relations. President Xi will visit Britain next week. 178 more words

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A Bearish Stock Market Prediction that is Unfolding

A year ago I recommended investors adopt a defensive posture in regards to the stock market. Stocks were able to move higher, before chopping sideways and then selling off in this current period of volatility. 1,205 more words


A hazing ritual forced Chinese female flight attendants into overhead bins

To make it as a female flight attendant in China, you must have the body of a model and the strength of a martial artist. Each of the coveted positions attracts thousands of applicants – an interest that has little abated despite routinely documented abuse. 405 more words


China Style Skating

What an exciting evening! Okay I know skates aren’t that big of a deal but I’m over 8,500 miles away from home in China, so this is sort of a super big deal for me. 520 more words


China arrests hackers to appease US on cyberespionage

Relations between China and the US have a long way to go before you could call the rival superpowers friends, but this cold war has begun to thaw in recent weeks. 342 more words


Where is our military?

A letter to the editor of our local paper yesterday asked the very topical question, “where are the men?”  I have thought for quite a while that the only things guys are interested in these days are babes, boobs(is that redundant?), and beer.  439 more words