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Falling Oil Prices: a Saudi Viewpoint

Inside Story – What’s Behind the Falling Oil Prices

Al Jazeera (2015)

Film Review

A most revealing documentary. Unlike western pundits who speculate about conspiracies to wipe out shale oil producers (ie fracking) and theoil  economies of Russia and Venezuela, these Middle East analysts stick economic fundamentals. 73 more words

The Global Economic Crisis

Life expectancy at birth in China

Furthermore, from the sequence of events of this summer regarding the slowdown of China’s economy, we are not longer so sure that the latter will be a superpower. 259 more words


2015년 Russia 침엽수 제재목 가격은 22% 하락

2015년 러시아 제재목의 외국 시장 판매량은 전년 대비 5% 증가하여 22.4 million m3 이었지만, 수출액으로 살펴보면 전녀 대비 $753 million이 감소하여 $2.7 billion 이었다고 WhatWood는 발표하였습니다. 11 more words


Interesting Antique Chinese Rugs

In recognition of the Chinese New Year 2016 we’d like to show off a few special Chinese pieces from our collection here at Turco Persian… 260 more words

Rug Education

A New History of Laughter in China

In the popular western imagination China has long been represented as a mirthless place. This was a reasonable position during the Mao years when catastrophic famines and political mass-campaigns took place against a backdrop of ideological purity where class struggle and the construction of a socialist utopia was no laughing matter. 757 more words


Sex Workers Flock To Sub-Saharan Africa Following Crackdowns On Chinese Prostitution

Research shows that Sub-Saharan Africa has become a hotspot for Chinese sex workers, according to a new study.

Basile Ndjio, a researcher from Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study has been tracking migration trends of prostitutes from China in countries like Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana. 434 more words

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Panda-monium at the Bronx Zoo: A History

Last week, the New York Times ran a long article detailing the efforts of Representative Carolyn B. Maloney to secure two pandas for the Bronx Zoo. 1,352 more words