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China to Showcase Its J-20 at Zhuhai Airshow Next Week

In its report yesterday titled “China to unveil its J-20 stealth fighter at air show”, Reuters says that according to Chinese air force, China will make the first public flight show of its new generation J-20 stealth fighter jet at Zhuhai Airshow that opens next week. 265 more words

Wild Swans

It is a pity this book has not been allowed to be published in China. The rest of the  world recognises it as a powerful account of a very real country going through change and turmoil . 171 more words

An ode to Denmark.

I love Denmark. I’ve been there only once, years ago, to Copenhagen, one of the nicest places on earth, but I consider myself half-Danish. It all started with an ad on the back cover of a magazine in the early 1990s, Royal Copenhagen had its Musselmalet pattern painted on the beautiful hand of a china painter, so that we’ll never forget that it’s handpainted. 300 more words





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