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Chinese High Ranking Official Calls for Joint Efforts to Secure Substantial Progress in Syria Peace Talks

A senior Chinese diplomat called on the Syrian government, the opposition, as well as factions of the opposition to join their efforts to realize national reconciliation by prioritizing the interests of the whole country and its people on Friday, one day after the new round of peace talks on Syria kicked off in Geneva. 78 more words

Why Australia has Chinese investment into real estate so wrong: experts

By Will Koulouris – @willkoulouris

Foreign investment in real estate has long been a politically, and financially contentious issue in Australia, but has bipartisan support from both sides of the political aisle. 1,245 more words


Solo Night in Shenzhen

When you come from a small town, you tend to be scared of everything in the city. You’re trapped in a world that’s the polar opposite of your original. 817 more words


Beijing: to do, see and eat!

Beijing is a very interesting city, unlike any other I have been to. It is full of culture, a very big language barrier (especially when I went in winter), and also some very interesting tid-bits. 841 more words

Oliver Twist

Sat, 13 Sep 2014

The bell rings. Always verified with a glance at my increasingly distressed watch. “Stand up!” I motion with my hands to the class and they rise in unison. 519 more words


Daughters Diplomacy Better Than Ping-pong for US-China Ties

BBC China editor Carrie Gracie seems easily be fooled by Trump when she gives the impression in her article “Could China’s Trump tactics actually be working?” that it was China who took the initiative to please Trump and succeeded in bringing Trump around. 803 more words

How To Become An Advanced Mandarin Speaker

What Is An Advanced Mandarin Speaker?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a beginner and advanced Mandarin speaker is? Serious language learners know that one of the big differences between the two levels is that advanced speakers not only understand the meaning of words, but the words’ nuances as well. 511 more words

Chinese Dreams