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December in Pictures

December, yes, that’s right. It’s time to catch up after the semester break and traveling around (posts about that coming soon). It is now February 2017 and the spring semester has begun. 170 more words


Movement Madness, 2/20/17

More “movement” cluelessness.

Someone at Amren asks why it’s considered bad to say “I’m proud to be White.”  There’s a number of reasons for that, some touched upon in that essay and some not.   750 more words


My Hong Kong experience

Another dimension, a different life

For someone who lived in Europe all her life, there is no other way to describe Hong Kong but it being a completely different world!  562 more words


The sideshow in Kuala Lumpur

As dramatic and disturbing as the assassination of Kim Jong-nam is, it is simply a sideshow in the ongoing tussle between Beijing and Pyongyang. 

An uppity client state… 1,514 more words


Hoosier captive in China

I left the Dubois County Historical Museum with a few names and items I wanted to look into. Robert W. Greene was one of them. 450 more words

Hoosier Odds And Ends

Opinion: Yep, Let’s Talk About North Korea Again

By Michael McGrady

A week cannot go by without the news media covering the “Hermit Kingdom” of North Korea. Even way before the recent ballistic missile tests and Kim Jong Un allegedly killing his own brother via female assassins, dealing with the North has been tricky and life-threatening. 674 more words


Hong Kong!

I arrived in Hong Kong during the back of Typhoon Mujigae so inevitably the weather was less than ideal. It didn’t stop pouring of rain in the first two days for any more than a few minutes at a time, however the temperature continued to hover around the 30 degrees mark which made wearing a rain jacket almost unbearable and made my hair even more frizzy than usual. 655 more words