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FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: Greece Is An Example Of What Happens When You Violate Natural Law

I am just going to assume that you are aware of the financial mess Greece has created for itself.  This is no one’s fault but Greece — all of Greece.  307 more words

Natural Law

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All of this is 100% true but I would not give a break to the EU they knew what the deal was and the bankers did as well --- there are no innocents in this and all must pay the price.

Father And Son

I came across this scene and was instantly attracted to this painter’s subject. Surprisingly, she didn’t seem to object at all to me taking a picture of her at work unlike in other similar situations where painters would either turn away or say “no photo”. 27 more words


Chinese chaos worse than Greece

Understand this. The Chinese exchange is now in a bear market. Not maybe or could be..it is..right..now! #auspol pic.twitter.com/dtvgiF3q7r

— seeker (@seeker401) July 3, 2015…

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The grand design of China's new trade routes


  • Over the next several years, China will devote significant resources to the construction of Eurasian trade routes under its Belt and Road Initiative.
  • As transit routes come online, the proportion of Chinese maritime trade passing through South China Sea chokepoints will shrink.
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Chinese company tells women staffers to get pregnant according to schedule -- or else

A company in northern China has reportedly ordered its female employees to schedule their pregnancies in advance with management. If women then give birth outside of that scheduled window of time, they will reportedly lose year-end bonuses and possibly reduce their chances at promotion. 132 more words

Human And Civil Rights