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The Calm in every storm

the Calm in every storm the One constant the anchor for our soul Jesus says, “Come to me all who are fed up, tired, laboring, weary and heavy-laden with burdens, painful memories, challenges,… 7 more words


Sometimes, it's not all good.

I haven’t written for a while.  Between all of being sick for longer than we’re used to, and mid-terms and grading, I feel like I’ve had no time for myself. 786 more words

Non-fiction Travel

Beijing, China, 1982: Watching the Giant Awaken

“It doesn’t matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice” – Deng Xiaoping

Richard Nixon made his famous visit to China in 1972. 1,351 more words

Travel - Asia


I found it interesting, a friend of mine on the trip told me that while everyone seems to “find themselves” while studying abroad, they now felt more lost than ever. 258 more words


Go Gently Into the Night, Maureen Mitchell Kirk

Author’s Foreword: I published a blog about my two mothers just over two years ago on Mother’s Day, and today I’m sharing it below, to pay tribute to my Mother-in-law Maureen Mitchell Kirk (November 1933 – November 2017), who passed away in a home in Derbyshire, England on Friday night, 18th November 2017. 1,154 more words

True Life Story

China's Social Credit System: Big Data meets Big Brother

Most of us are used to having our daily activities constantly monitored and evaluated – what we buy, how much tax we pay (or not), what television programmes we watch, what websites we visit, where we go, how ‘active’ we are’, who our friends are and how we interact with them – such monitoring is now done routinely via Amazon, Facebook, and Google. 645 more words


Hills and Ravines in the Heart: Chinese Gardens and Landscape Painting: Symposium and Exhibition

Sponsors and organisers: Confucius Institute for TCM, London South Bank University School of Architecture, the Southeast University

Venue: Caxton House, 13-16 Borough Road, London SE1 0AN… 144 more words