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GitHub DDoS tied to Chinese Government

The DDoS attack against GitHub was done by hackers of a Chinese’s internet backbone provider according to several technical reports Tuesday. These reports have built a strong case that the Chinese Government and or Officials are at least indirectly responsible for these attacks. 513 more words


The AIIB Is a Threat to Global Economic Governance

The U.S. rebuke of Britain earlier this month for its participation in the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has put the spotlight on a set of questions that have dogged policymakers and economists for years: Who is in charge of global economic governance? 985 more words


Huawei bellows big revenue jump thanks to brisk 2014 phone sales

Huawei – which was backed by Britain last week despite repeated claims that the Chinese company’s network kit could endanger national security – saw a 33 per cent leap in net profit for 2014.  54 more words


Hairy Crab Dumplings

A visit to the Din Tai Fung location at Grand Gateway 66 in Shanghai, browsing the menu, eyes honed in right on the Pork an Hairy Crab dumplings. 99 more words







本次重庆市医改可以用“简单”、“粗暴”来形容。老百姓不管改革的过程是怎么样的,老百姓要的就是一个改革成果,解决长期以来的“看病难”“看病贵”的诟 病。政府扛起“医改为民”的大旗,可是本次医改成果是什么? 改来改去,老百姓期待的结果没有出现,反而把改革成本全部转嫁给老百姓,而且还变本加厉借本次医改狠赚老百姓的钱。

另外,重庆本次医改很可能致使很多重症患者家庭无力承担高涨的医疗护理费用而放弃治疗,而重症患者群体中又以中老年人居多。最终死亡率上升,政府医保报销 支出下降,顺带着养老保险支出下降。虽然社保资金严重短缺、社保空账是当下亟待解决的难题,但用这种方式来辅助解决社保空账难题,未免太不地道,不人道。


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Sun Tzu and the Art of Soft Power

My new article is up at the Diplomat.

In China, there has been a trend recently to use Sun Tzu and The Art of War as a source of soft power for China’s peaceful development strategy. 221 more words

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