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Cultural expansion, the new strategic approach to imperialism

For this week’s blog post, I watched Parag Khanna’s talk: “Mapping the future of countries”. This is a talk that he did for TED in 2009 about geopolitics and the importance of borders in the world, focusing on three main areas: East Asia, the Middle East, and Central Asia (The former Soviet Republics of Central Asia, the ‘stans as he addressed them). 388 more words


China: 50% decline in animals since 1970

The sun is setting on countless species of animals in China, with the WWF’s ‘Living Planet Report – China 2015’ detailing a 50% decline in animal populations since the 1970s. 150 more words


In order to understand China, we naturally draw upon our own experiences and perspectives. As students from the United States, this perspective is one that is  556 more words


The Youth's Impact

Yan Lan’s Ted Talk on “The generation that’s remaking China”, focuses on the youth generation, and their influence through the platform of social media. She talked mainly about microblogging, which is the Chinese version of twitter. 497 more words


Financial Precipice à la 1929?

13 Feb 2016 – Are we standing on the precipice of a major financial collapse? I’ve become somewhat obsessed over the past two years with economics and monetary policy, not because I am money-crazy, but because I firmly believe a 1929 style market crash will usher in an area of pain, and I want to be ready for it.  4,779 more words

The Financial Clan

LANTERN FESTIVAL: Day 169, Friday February 14 2014

On cloud nine all day. So much smiling, laughing, and crying all at once. Goofy grin on my face all day.

We were congratulated by all of our colleagues, even the Chinese ones who didn’t fully understand what getting engaged meant. 399 more words