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Jian's Chinchillas, and Rodent Room Sneakpeak

Subtitled: Yes, that is a rodent on my head

These chinchillas are Jian’s latest – exclusive to June’s Luxe Box subscribers. The chinchilla cage is only 3LI, whilst the two wearable chins sit on hand or head – the head one is a rummager – and I wasn’t that at ease with what he ferreted around and found in my hairbun until he came up with the strawberry. 159 more words


Fuzzy li'l munchkin

My friend and adorable companion is a furry, fuzzy, adorable, 4 yr old chinchilla. She goes by Chilli and she loves to cuddle during the day and trouble you at night 🙂 (the life of a nocturnal hooligan).

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Chinchilla Care

Chinchillas are not the cheapest animals to take care of, but they sure are interesting pets to have! They have the most curious textures about them. 951 more words


My life filled with fluffy chinchillas

Saw my super outdated blog that i have few years back therefore decided to create a new one to note down things that i wants to remember as i have poor memory. 210 more words

This is Pablo!

It wasn’t planned but we were at the pet shop after dinner last night and every creature at the store were oh-so-cute! M2 was ooh-ing and aah-ing at the baby rabbits, colored prawns, crabs, toads and stingrays while I was equally mesmerized by the hamsters and chinchilla. 96 more words