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"Great small town atmosphere"

David has lived in Chinchilla for 15 years, having moved from Quilpie with his family. Having recently opened up Smokey Joe’s Gifts for Men, at 114 Heeney Street, he is more than happy to stay for the foreseeable future. 12 more words

Why I Love Chinchilla

"Everyone is so friendly"

Robyn has lived in Chinchilla for 4 years, having moved a number of times previously for work. She really likes that everyone is so friendly and plans to stay here indefinitely.

Why I Love Chinchilla

september photo challenge: final week

hello friends! october is here!! so happy! that means orange leaves, cinnamon scents, my mother’s birthday, halloween, and windy days to come! well, in our town it is still pretty hot. 150 more words


#1 in Australia for Customer Service

Huge congratulations to the fabulous team at Caltex StarMart Chinchilla for being #1 in Australia for customer service. We’re not at all surprised… ALWAYS greeted by super-smiles and genuinely friendly service. 6 more words

Why I Love Chinchilla

Introducing Pepper!

Some people have “normal” pets like cats and dogs. And there is a cat living at my house. She’s my brother’s but she is currently living with us. 257 more words


"Loves the community, weather, central location and plans to stay forever"

Mick has lived in Chinchilla for 5 years, having moved from Glen Innes in NSW for an opportunity which has nothing to do with the mining. 12 more words

Why I Love Chinchilla

"the town feels like 'home'"

Amy has lived in Chinchilla for 2 years, having moved from Hervey Bay for work. She plans to stay for a few years and likes how the town feels like ‘home’.

Why I Love Chinchilla