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"I'm not a city person and Chinchilla is a nice country town"

Kellie has been working in Chinchilla for 10 years, having moved from Cooyar and purchased a rural property in Kogan. She has no plans to leave so will probably stay forever. 13 more words

Why I Love Chinchilla

"Content to stay forever"

Vicki is a born and bred Chinchilla girl and is content to stay forever.  After much persuasion, her father employed her in his chemist and, 35 years later, she still loves working in her own shop.   14 more words

Why I Love Chinchilla

Wearing my t-shirt to work today

Wearing my t-shirt to work today. Yes, I do love Chinchilla.

Why I Love Chinchilla

Lilac Lips

Lipstick: Lime Crime Chinchilla
Review: It’s a little grey in real life. It’s not matte, leaning towards slightly creamy but it stays on better than I had imagined. 39 more words


"Community Spirit"

Gail has lived in Chinchilla for 70 years. It’s her home town. What she loves most about Chinchilla is the community spirit. 

Why I Love Chinchilla