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Guinea pig cage project

What is this now with the grids? 7×5 with 1×1 extension in the corner next to the vitrine, 1×2 next to the chinchilla cage plus upstairs 1×2. 493 more words

Everyone but Flair

Thought I’d sneak in a blog that wasn’t about Flair today.

First I’ll talk about the guinea pigs, as they’re also on Baytril for a (far less severe) URI. 804 more words


10 Safe and Unsafe Foods for chinchillas

Chinchillas natural habitats lies along the west coast mountain range of Andes in South America. These furry animals have special needs and specialised dietary needs. Here are some of the common tips of various food you should feed or avoid feeding to your chinchilla. 977 more words


Learning and share

End of last year, we got ourselves busy with a social project for chinchillas. We had decided to share what our little knowledge that we acquired from all the nice people around the world.We also hope to have people get the correct information on caring for their chinchillas with all conflicting information out in the digital web. 505 more words


Heating up in Singapore

This week, temperature have soared to 37C. A few chinchillas were reported passed during the period.  We are truly saddened by the news of their passing. 509 more words


What I did today

So! I go back to work on Saturday… After 5 weeks off recovering from abscess surgery! I am feeling incredibly anxious about it, so, decided to do a few little things today whilst chilling at home, to take my mind off it. 250 more words