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Today while out with the dogs I came across a shallow burial site which had been disturbed.

I am pretty certain I found a chinchilla lying nearby, It hadn’t been buried long but had been wrapped in plastic and had lost all his fur, (he was definitely a boy). 126 more words


Babushka - Chinchilla

Beautiful Chinchilla female, shes 3 years old, her owners have immigrated and have left her behind, she’s good with other cats. Loves the garden. Please read our terms and conditions.


Goodbye to a special little girl

Today when I let the chins out I immediately noticed Bandoose was poorly.

She was hunched, lethargic, not moving, and although eating it was very slow. 336 more words



Here’s the whole chinchilla in the beard saga in one continuous strip. It’s not perfect. I would have loved to resize some of the images, but there isn’t that function in my wordpress multi image edit. 34 more words


I went to an animalRoad Show. Here are some pictures 

There was an animal roadshow in a hotel tonight. We went. Here are some pictures of me holding different animals. Hope you enjoy them.


Chinchillas or kitten?!

Today I’ve got some great images of the chinchillas and Enzo, and it’s a real struggle knowing who to post about.

The chinchillas were hilarious and something exciting happened (exciting for me anyway!) and of course Enzo needs a lot of love and attention because he’s poorly (kinda) and also because his Zooplus order arrived today and he has LOVED the toys!! 390 more words