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Name: Oogie

Sex: Female

Coat colour: Beige

Age: 1y

Favourite treat: hibiscus

Company or solitary? Is currently solitary but has lived in a pair her whole life… 73 more words


Rocket & Groot

Name: Rocket and Groot

Sex: M

Coat colour: Both Beige

Age: Rocket (3 months)

Favourite treat:

Company or solitary? Live together as Father and Son… 119 more words



Name: JJ

Age: 1.5 years (June 2018)

Sex: M

Coat colour: Grey

Favourite treat: Sticks!

Company or solitary? Has lived with other chins, but currently on his own. 110 more words


Screamy & Whisper (Residents)

Names: Screamy and Whisper

Very vocal in her opinions, Screamy likes to let you know that she’s there and aware of her surroundings. Less noisy once out the cage but can be vicious if feeling threatened.  24 more words


Jack (Adopted)

Name: Jack (now Percy after adoption!)

Sex: M

Coat colour: Beige

Age: ~

Favourite treat: Apple sticks

Company or solitary? Solitary as can be vicious to other chins at times… 87 more words


My Chinchillas; adopt vs shop and other tid bits.

Chinchilla’s, they’re small, they’re fluffy and they like to swear. What’s not to love? I’ve read a lot of chinchilla care information recently. Enough to decide that, yes almost ten years of chinchilla owning and I pretty much everything, unlike with the Degu’s who are new to me (but that’s a whole other blog post) 2,752 more words

What we are up to in April 2018

It has been a good year so far, busy and it’s just getting better and better.

We have made a lot of different choices the past month on what to go forth on and what to leave behind as well. 177 more words

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