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A little bit more to go

So, I have finished the first of two Siberian Cuffs following Miss Lambert’s pattern from My Knitting Book (1843).  For my first try, I cast on 64 stitches holding the yarn double and the cuffs were very wide and not at all what would expect for a wrist warmer/cuff.   691 more words


100 Crazy Critters – #9 - Chinchilla

I cannot even remember writing the word chinchilla on a slip of paper but that was what I pulled out of the bag for my ninth crazy critter.   154 more words

Litter Training Your Chinchilla

Ever wonder if your chinchilla could be litter trained? The answer is yes! With a little time, your chinchilla could be litter trained.

The younger you begin litter training your chinchilla, the easier they will pick it up. 264 more words

Chinchilla Care

33 Reasons Why Chinchillas Are Similar To Human Beings

1. Chin-hill-as – Chinchillas can survive in altitudes of up to 5,000 metres above sea level and so can humans.

2. Four Chin-limb-as – Humans have four limbs and so do chinchillas. 355 more words



This is my other love bug at my house!! (i have 6 animals)  This is Ash! He is obviously a chinchilla. He is 2 years old. 170 more words