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Three generations - three demographic policies

China’s official withdrawal of the one-child policy is major news. I wrote a review of a book about this topic back in 2006 for the New Scientist, and it’s an exceptional conundrum, one more or less without historical precedent, due to the numbers involved. 466 more words


More China podcasts please!

I’m always on the lookout for good China podcasts and they can be tricky to find. There are so many areas well covered by podcasts – I enjoy books podcast channels (I’ve been especially enjoying… 171 more words


Wang Hui on confused discourses about China and modernity

A few months ago I read China from Empire to Nation State, the book which forms a 150-page introduction to Wang Hui’s four-volume history of Chinese thought. 241 more words


China prepares for the next stage

There appear to be a gathering number of signs that China is entering a new policy phase of its economic and financial development.

First, currency… 643 more words

China's Central Asian push continues with $46bn Pakistan deal

Interesting to read of China’s Central Asian focus (or ‘Western Development Strategy’ – 西部大开发) expanding still further with a $46bn commitment to investment in Pakistan… 263 more words


Premier commentary

Lionel Barber’s latest interview with Li Keqiang in the FT raises a couple of interesting points.

First of all, Li seems to view US post-crisis economic policy as a kind of Keynesian over-extension, which really needs to be cut short in favour of “structural reforms”, describing himself as only half-convinced that the US and others using these tools are doing the right thing. 279 more words


China: A cyberwarring state

Bill Gertz,  The Washington Times

China’s strategy of large-scale cyberattacks is motivated mainly by the goal of keeping the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in power, in addition to gaining economic secrets and planning cyberattacks in a conflict, according to a new report by the Center for a New American Security. 418 more words