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Contrary to their name, the Chinese Crested is believed to have originated from the African Hairless breed. Chinese sailors and merchants saw the breed at African ports and brought the dogs onto their ships to work as ratters. 442 more words


Drawing dogs and cats - a new hobby!

A slightly different post than normal, but I just had to put a little plug in for my new hobby.

I’ve started doodling dogs and cats as fun cartoons, and they’ve turned out to be pretty popular. 79 more words


Suey, My Unphotogenic Muse

As a veterinarian, of course I love dogs. But I always considered myself to be a “cat person” until I lived with this amazing little guy. 434 more words

Learning to Make Dog Clothes

When I took that sewing class at a local university in summer of 2013, my main goal was to learn how to make clothes for Suey, my hairless Chinese Crested. 306 more words

Two "Meh" Projects: A King-Sized Quilt and a Quilted Purse

I almost decided not to include these “meh” projects in my chronicle of crafting here, but they’re part of my journey and learning process, so why not? 659 more words

Little Chair Quilt and the Digging Dog

Suey, my 7 year old hairless Chinese Crested, sometimes likes to dig when he’s trying to get comfortable on furniture. He doesn’t stay home alone often, but it’s been enough for him to do some damage to my beloved recliner. 243 more words

My First Quilt (finished January 2014)

This is actually a picture of the first clothing I ever made for Suey. I took a sewing class in the summer of 2013, and my main goal was to get comfortable with a machine so I could make little jumpsuits for Suey. 430 more words