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They can't all be sunny.

We knew there was a possibility of rain in the forcast, so we were sure to pack for it.  The Olivia has politely decilned going on… 53 more words


Weekly Recap - Bird flu in Kansas - Fathers and Sons wrap up - Does intense exercise kill you? - Naked pup!

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Weekend thoughts…

I hate it when authors say that they had no idea where their characters would take the story. C’mon. Whatever art is involved it’s not magic. 528 more words


Young Gracie Patch - off to the surgeon. No pups for you.

Young Gracie Patch, aka Chuzzy, Patchie, Patchedi, or Hey you damned Mutt, is sleeping it off at the vet’s tonight. No pups for you! Dad happy. Girls sad.

Chinese Crested


Tiden springer, och det finns så mycket jag vill skriva som jag inte vågar! Kanske borde lösenords-låsa vissa inlägg så får ni som vill läsa kontakta mig om ni vill läsa? 66 more words


Lexie the Powderpuff

This week’s Klip Joint dog of the week is Lexie, a grey and white Chinese Crested powderpuff. There are two distinct varieties of the Chinese Crested Dog, the “hairless” and the “powderpuff.” The powderpuff variety is a beautiful dog with a full coat of fur and many people do not realize they exist because a lot of websites only show the hairless variety. 89 more words


Pandora's February Box: A Grammy Box

Hello, humans!

This month has been quite traumatizing. I had to get shots, my PawPack didn’t get delivered (Mother mixed up the deadline…), and to make matters even worse, I am being forced to wear a cone of shame. 244 more words

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Har haft lite otur med ett par “onödiga” kostnader de senaste dagarna. Det började med att jag bokade in en klipptid till Dino, all inclusive med bad och kloklippning till den 3:e mars. 143 more words