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Grunge Moda Basic Grey - Wedding Gift

After rejecting the Satsuki Jewel quilt to give as a wedding gift, I started looking closer at this jelly roll, Grunge by Moda. The Satsuki Jewel quilt felt too traditional and scrappy, and I thought a more modern quilt would be a better choice for the recipients in mind. 139 more words

Satsuki Jewel Quilt

I’d like to blog about my current project(s), but I feel like I need to catch up on old stuff first! So here’s another one I started in early 2015. 177 more words

My goofy looking dog and the genetics of incomplete dominance

Copyright Dennis Mitton

It sounds like something you hear in a late night chat room (at least that’s what they tell me…) but incomplete dominance is why my goofy looking dog looks so goofy. 902 more words


Meet Tinkerbell, Puff, Charlie, Rock & Grumps!

On Thursday 10 March 2016, Orange Grove Vet staff were introduced to five special Powder Puff Chinese Crested dogs. These five dogs had recently been rescued from a backyard breeder, having been kept in horrific conditions for most of their lives. 314 more words

Charity & Outreach

Doggy togs

A few months ago, a friend of mine handed me a sewing pattern for a onesie for a dog. She’s got lots of small dogs, whom it kind of makes sense to dress up: a) it is cute as hell & b) some of them are Chinese Crested dogs, who do need an extra layer, particularly when it’s cold outside. 284 more words