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Yesterday's bear market is today's rally; Or, one day in the market shouldn't matter to investors

Today’s whipsaw move in Chinese stock markets—with the Shanghai Composite Index closing up 5.5 percent, after being down 5 percent earlier in the day—presents a good object lesson in the dangers of short-term market watching. 217 more words

Bear Market

China Economy and Global Economy

How does the world economy correlated to each other? Do you think any individual economy has more impact on several other economies? Do you think Chinese economy is correlated to the world global economy? 250 more words


Upgraded Train Tracks: The Streamlined Playground For Chinese Firms

In my last article “Building an Unstoppable Locomotive: the Story of the Chinese Economy,” I established the foundation which allowed for the renowned boom of the Chinese economy through the turn of the 21st century. 668 more words


China is building the most extensive global commercial-military empire in history

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the sun famously never set on the British empire. A commanding navy enforced its will, yet all would have been lost if it were not for ports, roads, and railroads. 2,348 more words

What is Happening in China?

This time let’s have a look at China. Although it has been said a lot about it there are still the things to cover. Being the third biggest economy by nominal GDP it refers itself to emerging economies. 365 more words


Nearly a quarter of Chinese peer-to-peer lenders have already failed

Online lending websites that connect borrowers with lenders are failing at an alarming rate in China, but that hasn’t scared people away from the country’s booming 276 billion yuan ($44 billion) peer-to-peer lending market.  366 more words

Regional Hegemony or Peaceful Rise? China’s New Silk Roads and the Asia-Pacific

Based on a presentation made at a conference on The US Rebalance and Asia Pacific Region, organized by the Centre for Public Policy Research, Kochi, Kerala, 7 March 2015. 2,674 more words

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