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This Chinese family lost weight and became Fit together

వారంతా కలిసి బరువు తగ్గారు!

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Why We Honor Our Parents in Dating

Is it too soon to involve our parents while dating?

While popular culture tells us it’s no longer the norm to ask our parents’ permission, let alone inform them that we’re dating, or who we’re dating, there is wisdom in this age-old practice. 914 more words



Privacy is a term that is often used in daily life but difficult to define strictly. There are two different definitions of privacy which are ‘the right to be alone’ and ‘the individual’s right to control the circulation of information concerning him or her’ (Orito & Murata, cited in Collste 2008, p. 819 more words

Face, Filial Piety and Work Motivation in Chinese Culture

“Sometimes, kids feel that studying is hard and stressful because parents are over anxious and expect too much,” writes the Student Health Service website of… 2,674 more words


The Concept of Face in Chinese Culture and the Difference Between Mianzi and Lian

Lu Xun, one of China’s most influential writers of the 20th century, once described “face” as the “guiding principle of the Chinese mind” (中國精神的綱領). “Face” (面子), he remarked, is “a word we hear often and understand intuitively, so we don’t think too much about it.” But Westerners seemed to struggle to grasp it. 3,947 more words


"The House of Lim" and the Myth of the Harmonious Chinese Family

In 1959 the renowned American anthropologist and sinologist Arthur P. Wolf went on a study trip to Taiwan with his wife Margery. They spent two years in the house of the Lims, a “joint” family who lived in a small village in the countryside. 935 more words