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This New China

It’s Monday morning. Another week of work has passed. My weekend begins. I receive the regular Monday morning WeChat message from Emma: What time are you coming over? 2,599 more words

Filial Piety (孝) in Chinese Culture

In order to understand Chinese culture and society it is fundamental to understand the Chinese family. The family in China was not only a social unit, but it represented a whole codified ideology that pervaded the state and the society for thousands of years. 6,706 more words


More than students, we are a family!

When I first arrived in china I taught at a university in Wenzhou. The great thing about teaching university was my students were about a year or two younger than me so we got along well! 526 more words



Found this old family photo

Got inspired to include myself at least in feel and in the “look”

What do you guys think?

Unexpected Behavior

So far my Chinese mother-in-law has visited us three times. The first time together with her husband staying for a month with us, the second time for three months when Nathan was born and the third time this year again for three months. 910 more words

Crazy Chinese Family

Those Babies and the Fight Over Who Exactly is in Charge Around Here

They were staying in a VIP room on the 20th floor of the Xiāoshān Hospital. VIP, I learned, meant a room to yourself. I had been in Chinese hospitals before, where calculating math problems is a successful way to relieve a certain fear: If the population of China is 1.36 billion people and 94% of said population lives in the eastern half of the country (a rough guestimate), and the ratio of people to land area is the same as that of people to space in a hospital at any given moment (that I made up), then: a.) how many people will overhear (eavesdrop) as I struggle to communicate my symptoms of a whatever ailment, as well as my drinking habits and sexual activity (foreigners are considered to be quite “open”) to a doctor who cannot speak English, and b.) what are the chances that you will see one of them ever again? 2,690 more words