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Happy New Year! The Year of the Dog, 4716

Happy New Year! Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) is the most important holiday for the Chinese people. It is a season for celebration, food, visiting family and friends. 563 more words

Against The Grain: Grain-Free Recipes

Domestic Gender Inequalities in China: Count Children In

Written by Yang Hu.

Progress toward gender equality is a tale of two spheres in China. In the public sphere, we see converging trends in the… 870 more words


This Chinese family lost weight and became Fit together

వారంతా కలిసి బరువు తగ్గారు!

మరి, ఈ కుటుంబం గురించి మనమూ తెలుసుకుందాం రండి..continue

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Why We Honor Our Parents in Dating

Is it too soon to involve our parents while dating?

While popular culture tells us it’s no longer the norm to ask our parents’ permission, let alone inform them that we’re dating, or who we’re dating, there is wisdom in this age-old practice. 914 more words