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Lessons Behind the China's Stock Market Crash

From the end of 2014, the Chinese A-share index soared to a seven-year peak. However, only six months later, when the market realized that China’s economy was slowing down, the bubble quickly burst into a disaster. 1,367 more words


Mainland China’s bad debts are at least nine times the official number and still growing amid weakening of recovery momentum

Bad debt clean-up more challenging than 1998 debt crisis, analysts say

By Xie Yu
South China Morning Post


Mainland China’s bad debts are at least nine times the official number and still growing as the economy slows down despite government stimulus measures, a seasoned market watcher has warned. 604 more words

Doctor Strange and International Politics

There was a lot of interest recently in the fact that Marvel made The Ancient One from Doctor Strange a white female rather than a Tibetan male. 51 more words


HRW: New Anti-NGO Law in China Will "Legalise China’s Human Rights Abuses"

By Isaac Cheung
Hong Kong Free Press

Human Rights in China and Human Rights Watch have criticised China’s new law governing foreign non-government organizations (NGOs). The law, passed Thursday, imposes a series of new regulations and gives authorities expanded powers that activists say threaten the existence of foreign NGOs and civil society in China. 833 more words

Sheng Nv (Leftover Women)

“To marry or not to marry”should be a personal choice rather than something pushed by other people, especially from a western-world point of view. However, this is an idea that doesn’t fit in the traditional family value of most Chinese parents, who believe that young woman, due to biological reasons, should get married  before a certain age to fulfil the role and expectation of  a wife and a mother. 200 more words

DMMA Posting

AMD licenses its x86 server chip technology to Chinese company

Advanced Micro Devices, well known as AMD to the world of computing has announced a plan to license the design of its top of the line server processors to newly formed Chinese Company called THATIC- Tianjin Haiguang Advanced Technology Investment Co. 438 more words