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Fiscal Starvation: The Unintended Consequences of Xi Jinping’s Anti-Corruption Campaign

Written by Hiroki Takeuchi.

President Xi Jinping’s fierce anti-corruption campaign has been one of his signature reform policies since his inauguration as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 2012. 932 more words


Managing NGOs in China

Written by Yongshun Cai.

The Chinese central and local governments are ambivalent to NGOs but not for the same reason. The central government recognizes the contributing role of NGOs in social governance, but it is also concerned with the potential political threat arising from any organizations independent of the state’s control. 888 more words


Playing a Different Game: What the Chinese State Really Wants from the NGO Sector (and Vice Versa)

Written by Carolyn L. Hsu.

Is the government of the People’s Republic of China attempting to suppress civil society? This has certainly been the view of many Western journalists and activists, who decried the… 1,179 more words


Building NGO Capacity and Autonomy in China

Written by Shui-Yan Tang.

A great challenge facing many Chinese reformers since the late Qing era has been to build a unified and strong nation that is also energized by a vibrant civil society.   891 more words


China’s forex reserves drop below US$3 trillion for first time in 6 years

Reserves dropped by US$12.3 billion last month, a smaller fall than December, but larger than expected

By Frank Tang
South China Morning Post

Tuesday, February 7, 2017… 270 more words

Eating and Drinking in Chinese Officialdom

Written by Jiangnan Zhu and Xiaoming Zhong.

In the period leading up to Xi Jinping’s ascension, banqueting had become both prevalent and lavish in Chinese political circles. 920 more words


Roots and Prospects of Xi’s Cultural Policy

Written by Giorgio Strafella and Daria Berg.

The speech pronounced by Xi Jinping at a conference on political work in higher education on 7 December 2016, together with his 2014… 1,092 more words