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The Other Great Leap Backward.

Antonio Vegas García

Recently, we have been exposed to a barrage of news from China: the rising worries about its economic growth, the recent plunge in the Chinese stockmarkets, the devaluation of the yuan, the announced drops in interest rates, as well as in the cash reserve bank ratios, the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) fell, etc. 1,568 more words


Is Korea going in a War? No they agreed to defuse

Technically South and North Korea were at war since 1954. However, the situation improved in 2007 when the South Korean President met the North counterpart. But the dramatic folds of events in the last few days have again put the fate of Korean Peninsula in dilemma. 310 more words


China's Future, a demographic perspective

Headlines around the world have often captured the economic rise of China in vivid details: its ever-expanding industrial output, its rapid increase in the amount of mega-corporations that threatened to upset the status quo (think of Lenovo, Huawei, and Alibaba), and above all, its mass market of consumers, who are only beginning to consume in quantities not hereto imagined. 557 more words


China’s middle class will keep buying ‘Made in America’ despite the yuan's drop

News that the People’s Bank of China, the country’s central bank, changed its formula for calculating the reference rate of the yuan (RMB) prompted the currency to… 866 more words

Tianjin, China residents kept in the dark about fatal blasts

By Jennifer Ngo
South China Morning Post

Rows of residential blocks overlook the site where a series of explosions rocked a chemical warehouse in Tianjin, northern China, on Wednesday night. 710 more words

China's devaluation -- A move that deserves our praise

By William Pesek

China’s surprise devaluation is sure to stir up fear and loathing among the world’s economic populists. (Keep your eyes on Donald Trump’s Twitter account.) But the move deserves praise, not condemnation. 750 more words

Dragon shrinking

A slowing China has important consequences for the world

Our recent blog on a slowing China, written on LinkedIn, drew irritated responses from many Chinese. Nothing has changed in China and we will be up and running; was the standard response. 435 more words

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