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#Enemy at the Gates!!

Winnie the pooh is not made in India! still china wants to fight with India so if that is the case India must also go ahead and fight war with china! 103 more words


Women Judges in Post-Mao China – How much do we know?

Written by Anqi Shen.

Who are women judges in China? What do they do? What are their roles and positions in the Chinese judicial profession? These questions help us to get to know female judicial officers in post-Mao China. 1,129 more words


The Promise of Rights and the Demise of Law: Chinese Human Rights Lawyers Under Attack

Written by Leïla Choukroune.

They have broken his life and confiscated his death. But what was his crime? Democracy was the offence. In a country where freedom and human rights are kept at bay to the benefit of the stability of an oppressive regime resting upon the fiction of social harmony, the struggle for democracy is punishable by death. 890 more words


Community corrections in China – “let a thousand flowers bloom?” – Observations from recent research visits

Written by Susyan Jou.

As a criminology Professor in Taiwan, I’ve had the opportunity to visit China in 2015 and 2017, looking at the Beijing and Hunan models of community corrections practice for offenders. 986 more words


Penetrating Law Into the Walls of Chinese Detention Centers

Written by Margaret Lewis.

Last Saturday, the window closed for comments on the draft PRC Detention Center Law.  The Ministry of Public Security touts the draft law’s ability to protect human rights (人权保障), and the release of the long-awaited draft at least indicates the government’s acknowledgement that existing legal provisions are inadequate. 1,105 more words


Liu Xiaobo and Normalised Norway

Written by Jichang Lulu.

Norway’s ‘normalised’ relations with China, under which it has promised it “will not support actions that undermine” “China’s core interests and major concerns,” have been tested after the Chinese government revealed Liu Xiaobo 刘晓波 was terminally ill. 1,652 more words


After Liu Xiaobo’s Death, Chinese Democracy Dream Fights for Survival -- Fractured activist community at its weakest in a generation as the Communist Party tightens its grip

China’s activist community at its weakest in a generation as the Communist Party tightens its grip on society

A makeshift altar for Liu Xiaobo outside the Chinese government’s Liaison Office in Hong Kong.  1,972 more words