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Bad Omens

By Jose Bernardo Reyes Facio

BEIJING, March 15th – Political fortunes can rise and fall pretty fast. Wouldn’t it be nice if those politicians could get a heads up before any misfortune befell them? 624 more words


China taking on Wikipedia with its own online encyclopaedia -- "Old political framework” has to be abandoned

More than 20,000 scholars involved in country’s biggest publication project

By Stephen Chen
South China Morning Post

Sunday, April 30, 2017, 7:16pm

Chinese Academy of Sciences president Bai Chunli says the new encyclopaedia will strengthen the core values of socialism. 747 more words

Eviction Notice, Shanghai

The first time I met my friend, we were in Minnesota and she told me about her beautiful home in downtown Shanghai. It was in a historical district, was not far from the Bund, and was in a pre-revolution architectural style now hard to find in much of China. 451 more words

China Musings

Terrorism and Counterterrorism in China: The Other “War on Terror”

Written by Scott N. Romaniuk & Shih-Yueh Yang.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) comprehensive counterterrorism law that came into effect at the turn of 2016 brought with it waves of criticism from human rights activists, proponents of fundamental rights and freedoms, and liberal states around the world. 1,912 more words


Why did China extend rural social programmes in the 21st century?

Written by Jane Duckett

Since the early 21st century, the Chinese Party-state has significantly extended its rural social provision. From 2002 it abolished agricultural taxes and adopted several key social programmes — new rural cooperative medical schemes (NRCMS), means-tested rural poverty assistance (rural ‘dibao’), and rural pensions. 766 more words


Xi’s Remaking of China’s Political Landscape

Written by Hans H. Tung.

Xi Jinping’s first term since 2012 has dazzled many seasoned observers of Chinese politics. There were open trials of prominent political figures who used to be worshipped in China’s political pantheon. 984 more words


Welfare, Work, and Poverty: How Effective is Social Assistance in China?

Written by Qin Gao.

China currently has the world’s largest social assistance program, the ‘Dibao,’ or Minimum Livelihood Guarantee. My new book, Welfare, Work, and Poverty: Social Assistance in China… 1,074 more words