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Ai Weiwei gets his passport back after four years

Ai Weiwei will now be able to leave China for the first time in four years as the controversial artist has had his passport returned to him by the… 145 more words


China's Global 500 companies are bigger than ever—and mostly state-owned

Take a look at the number of Chinese companies on this year’s Fortune Global 500 list and it’s hard not to come away impressed—even a bit intimidated. 654 more words


A Couple Films Themselves F*cking In A Department Store Fitting Room, Now The Chinese Government Is After Everyone

A young couple decided to do the nasty in a department store fitting room, and now the Chinese government is getting involved.

For reasons passing understanding (i.e. 145 more words

For the Han Chinese majority, the people of the grasslands are a source of fascination and fear

“In what amounts to one of the most ambitious attempts made at social engineering, the Chinese government is in the final stages of a 15-year-old campaign to settle the millions of pastoralists who once roamed China’s vast borderlands. 63 more words

Asian Studies

One of China's Most Ambitious Attempts at Social Engineering

“Nicholas Bequelin, the director of the East Asia division of Amnesty International, said the struggle between farmers and pastoralists is not new, but that the Chinese government had taken it to a new level. 142 more words


Memo to China: Your Market Moves Are Doomed to Fail


Market Watch

In your heart, you probably hope the Chinese government will succeed in its stunning interventions this past week to stay the panic on China’s stock exchanges. 1,244 more words

Eats Shoots and Thrives

A new study has shown that China’s panda population may be on the increase, writes Sarah Left.

They are famously sex-shy, beloved of poachers, and range over extensive, densely forested highlands. 427 more words