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Chinese media predictions for 2015

Here are the top fifty Chinese media predictions for 2015, originally published in Chinese on 1st January 2015. These capture the current social and economic trends in China, particularly the pressures weighing on the average salary man and woman. 1,054 more words


CFP Conference on Chinese Media and Chinese Civilization (Wuhan)

Call for Submissions
The Ninth International Conference on Chinese Media and Chinese Civilization:
The Image of China & Chinese Communication
August 2015, Wuhan, China

With intensified global communication and cultural exchange, China is paying more and more attention to having a voice in the world arena as it grows to become a world power. 574 more words


#ကိုးကန္႔ေဒသ ျမင္ကြင္း.. #တရုတ္ရုပ္သံ #clip

ကိုးကန္႔ေဒသ ျမင္ကြင္း.. တရုတ္ရုပ္သံ

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A 9-year-old told China's president to lose some weight—and censors shut him down

A 9-year-old boy had some advice for Chinese president Xi Jinping: plan a mission to Mars and lose some weight. According to the Zhengzhou Evening News in China’s central Henan province, a primary school student named Niu Ziru wrote a letter for a school project to “Grandpa Xi” with his thoughts on the country’s space program, as well as some health tips. 350 more words

China 1 - Democracy 0

Hong Kong protests are cleared, as the – perhaps unsurprising – police start clearing the area by forcing away and arresting protesters. 25 years ago there was Tiananmen  square – now it is happening in Hong Kong. 37 more words

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Protest Protester Protesting - Media portrayal of US protests

With protests in America continuing on – first Ferguson and now the case of #EricGarner – it is quite astonishing how the events are reported throughout the world.  314 more words

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Why China is now banning puns

Which country would you say is entering a “marijuana era”? Maybe Uruguay, which recently legalized the drug? Perhaps the United States, where the state of Colorado is offering… 519 more words