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Self-media, remember to take the responsibility of every single word you say

Yesterday, the terror attack in Westminster draw a lot of attention around the world. This morning, the prime minister Theresa May announced that people who were injured are including 12 Britons and people of 10 other nationalities. 595 more words


Single? Get a foreign wife!

Lately, Chinese media has been publishing a lot of articles about Chinese men married to or dating foreign women. This and this are just a couple of examples that were shared on WeChat this past week. 650 more words


Crushing Twitter Again, how can Weibo’s stock do so well in American capital market? (Part 1)

Renee L. Yuning, ENTscope Staff Writer

After second quarter’s amazing financial report, Weibo has exceeded its previous performance in the third quarter. Quarter’s total revenue reached 176.9million dollars, with year-on-year growth of 42%; the net profit was 32.1 million dollars, with year-on-year growth of 122%, which was continuously beyond analysts’ expectation. 580 more words


Marketing on a 0.6-billion-users platform: The hidden marketing place on WeChat

ERIN J. XUE, ENTscope Staff Writer

Many know WeChat as a Chinese version of Messenger or WhatsApp. But have you ever heard of WeChat Official Accounts? 458 more words


Hollywood’s Cake in China: A Guide to Kicking Butt and Making Money II

ERIN J. XUE, ENTscope Staff Writer

When I was working on representative of the Beijing Film Delegation at the American Film Market earlier this year, many producers came to the office and asked me the same question: … 587 more words


How the Chinese media act in covering the U.S. Presidential Election

On Oct.26th, it is a great pleasure to hear a speech hosted by College of Social Science and Humanity here in Northeastern, delivering a short discussion of the ongoing U.S. 1,447 more words


When the government says shhh to the media

A free and robust media is deeply integrated into our everyday lives; something that is true in most, if not all, Western societies. However, when we travel across the globe to countries like China, that sentiment is suddenly a foreign one. 595 more words