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Day 183 - DIY Reflexology

Yesterday I was tired and out of sorts. A string of sleepless nights had finally caught up with me, and my focus was purely on putting one foot in front of another to get me closer to bedtime. 326 more words

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How Acupuncture and Herbs Benefit Menopause?

Once a woman enters the menopause stage, then she moves away from her child-bearing age. The stage brings about some challenges. It could be in the form of emotional and physical changes affecting their busy and stressed-out lives. 566 more words


木瓜 Papaya


Alias : Wrinkled papaya, iron foot pear.

Taste : Sour and warm.

Efficacy : Stimulate the circulation of the blood and cause the muscles and joints to relax, and to harmonize the stomach and rectify Qi. 430 more words

Chinese Medicine

黄连 Coptis


Diarrhea, dehumidification fever

Alias : Chuan Lian, Jiang Lian, Wei Lian.

Taste : Bitter, cold.

Efficacy : Clearing away heat and dampness, purging fire and detoxifying. 323 more words

Chinese Medicine

The Heart Channel of Hand Shaoyin

The Heart houses the Shen, our mental energy and conscious awareness.

According to TCM theory, the Heart plays a vital role in mental and emotional balance and our Shen is the “spirit” that resides in this organ. 883 more words


John Fleming's (second half) Weekly Diary No 23 – I am maybe sick as a dog



I got a letter this morning from Bristol confirming I have a face-to-face appointment with the NHS Kidney Man or Kidney Woman at my local North London hospital on Monday 6th July – about my ongoing high calcium level/low kidney function problems. 703 more words


银杏叶 Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba

Convergence of lungs and asthma, protect blood vessels.

Alias : Ginkgo biloba.

Taste : Bitter, astringent, and neutral.

Efficacy : Convergence of lungs and asthma, blood circulation and pain relief. 269 more words

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