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Decolorization of Natural Plant Extracts

At present, there are many methods and processes used in decolorizing traditional Chinese medicine, but they can be classified by the following methods.

First, remove the solubility of pigments in different solvents. 602 more words

Herbal Extracts

Chinese Herb Combining: Why We Mix It Up

In Chinese herbal medicine, herbs are typically combined into formulas. Rather than the Western herbal or homeopathic concept of focusing on one herb to treat a symptom, Chinese herbalists believe that herbal combining leads to greater efficacy. 551 more words

The Names of Acupuncture Points

As an acupuncturist, I often hear a variant of the question: “Whoa! What does that point do?” This usually occurs when a point being needled elicits a unique or strong sensation or feeling. 961 more words


My Japanese Chiropractor and The Year Of Healing

I have been seeing my Japanese chiropractor for almost a year now, and the results keep amazing me!

Ueda Yoshiyasu is getting rather popular now, too, as people have been reading my… 1,418 more words


Traditional Chinese Treatment: A Unique Way For Shedding Weight

Weight loss is one of the most serious health hazards for all those who are a victim of obesity these days. Instead of popping pills, and taking allopathic treatment, ancient traditional Chinese medicine has unique methodology for treating weight loss. 301 more words

Chinese Medicine

What does Chinese medicine have? What does each have to do?

What is Chinese medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine is Chinese medicine, Chinese traditional Chinese medicine is unique to the drug. The traditional Chinese medicine is divided into Chinese patent medicine and traditional Chinese medicine according to the processing technology. 1,860 more words


“Ne’er Cast A Clout Till May Be Out”

“Ne’er Cast A Clout Till May Be Out”

Old English proverb or Chinese wisdom?

Translation: “Don’t discard any clothing until June.”

(Or it might relate to May blossom, otherwise known as hawthorn flowers, which come out in late April or early May.) 611 more words