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Can anybody help me?

I have made commitment to study The Book of Changes, or Yi Ching in depth, and so Chinese Medicine. I had first introduction class. Teacher requires to make notes and I have decided to try to have them (notes) as small blog posts. 240 more words


I made a visit to a traditional Chinese herbal doctor for my constipation.

The old physician said:

“Take snake gourd and you should be 10 pounds lighter at the next consultation.” 20 more words


Stories of the Lung

The air is crisp and fresh, the Farmer’s Market is bountiful with harvest, and the leaves are starting to shift their palette. It must be Fall in Walla Walla! 954 more words


Butternut Squash Quinoa Turkey Chili

I’ve been experimenting with new squash, sweet potato, and pumpkin recipes to support the spleen/pancreas and stomach in the season of late-summer. These veggies are helpful in supporting these organs according to Chinese medicine. 319 more words


Western Medicine -Acupuncture

In my continued search to find alternative treatments options to help me live well with Lupus, my journey lead me to acupuncture. I have for many years heard people talk about this form of alternative treatment. 727 more words

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Acupuncture and Trauma

As I continue with my pre-medicine studies this year, I have come full circle back to one of my initial interests in acupuncture: treating trauma.  When a person has gone through a traumatic event or events, the brain may have difficulty processing what has happened.  279 more words

Cupping Therapy for Colds, Flus, and Lung Health

The Olympics showed the world that cupping therapy is a great tool to help relieve muscle soreness, pain, and to improve recovery after athletic training; but cupping therapy can do so much more. 1,025 more words