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黄柏 Cork


To clear away heat and dampness, relieve fire and detoxify.

Alias : Yuanbai, Barberry, Amur bark, Barberry.

Taste : Bitter taste, cold in nature. 284 more words

Chinese Medicine

夏枯草 Prunella vulgaris

Prunella vulgaris

Good medicine for clearing away heat.

Alias : Evening sentence, swallow noodles, iron grass, stigma.

Taste : Bitter, pungent, cold in nature.

Efficacy : Clearing heat and purging fire, improving eyesight, dispelling masses and reducing swelling. 487 more words

Chinese Medicine

CBD & Cannabis - Hemp's Long History of Healing

Plants have been used to help heal people for thousands of years – way before pharmaceutical companies were able to manipulate molecules with technology, -plants were held in high esteem for not only the nutrients that allow the human body to thrive, but also the thousands (maybe millions) of  396 more words

That's Natural

Revisiting history

I haven’t written about my health or shared many videos from my cancer journey since the beginning of this year. To be honest, I’ve been avoiding it. 1,164 more words


Chinese Medicine – Science or Faith?

The Legacy of Zhang Zhong Jing

Chinese Medicine is largely based on ancient texts that were written about 2000 years ago. These classical texts include: 2,134 more words

Shang Han Lun

绿豆 Green Bean

Green beans

Nourish the liver and detoxify, remove and relieve heat.

Alias : Qingxiaodou.

Taste : Sweet, cold in nature.

Efficacy : Clearing away heat and detoxification, relieving heat, distilling water. 1,137 more words

Chinese Medicine