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(My First) Babi Pongteh

did my first babi pongteh today on 21.11.2015. resonably satisfied. ^^

sauce was wonderful! tau jeon & gula melaka really did the trick! :-)

texture was gelatinous (“ga ga” in teochew), still have good bite, not falling apart. 584 more words


Fried Glass Noodles

Tested Recipe with Slight Adjustment Adapted from Chef Chay Foo Kiong’s Tasty Noodles


100g glass noodles (soaked till softened)

50g minced pork

2 dried Chinese mushrooms (soaked, drained, diced) 120 more words

Rice, Noodles & Vermicelli

Money Makes The World Go Around........

And here I always thought it was gravity and centrifugal forces.

Possibly these scrummy little dumplings might work better if I posted this recipe round about the Chinese New Year, but hey, I think they’re delicious enough that they can be eaten at any time of the year, new or otherwise. 405 more words

Snack Foods

Dried Mushroom Risotto

I think my husband could live on risotto alone. Well, steak and risotto. So I make risotto often, creating different varieties to keep life interesting. It’s the kind of cooking I like to do, in any case, like when I made a… 649 more words


Half cooked egg omelette with sautéed Chinese mushrooms, dried shrimps, minced pork and soy beans

Half cooked omelette with sautéed Chinese mushrooms, dried shrimps, minced pork and soy beans


1) 2 x 60g eggs, whisked with half a tablespoon of light soya sauce and dash of black pepper… 268 more words

Hakka Tai Po Mee


4 nos fresh Tai Po Mee

200g minced pork

6 nos chinese mushroom (soaked, remove stem and diced)

1 no big onion (chopped)

4 cloves garlic (chopped) 128 more words

Spring Onion

Duck with Chinese Mushrooms & Ginger

So I took another stab at cooking duck the other day, and the results were awesome. I’m starting to think you can’t really go wrong with duck! 228 more words