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When foreign culinary culture becomes your own

Food culture of a country is complex. With long history of invasion, war and trade, countries have assimilated other culinary cultures into their own. India, for instance, has a lot of Persian and Middle Eastern influence. 749 more words


Weekly Winner: Pretty(dang) Perfect Pork - With Pasta!

My love of pork knows no bounds.  I’m also pretty dang fond of noodles in any way, shape or form.  Put them together with a zingy little sauce and keep it all relatively low-calorie and healthy so that I can feel good about eating it, and I’ve found myself a “Winner, Winner, Piggy Dinner”! 359 more words

Fresh Late Winter Vegetables Stir-Fried with Oyster Sauce and Chinese Noodles

This recipe is healthy and fresh.  It’s perfect for lunch with a generous helping of crunchy vegetables, soft Chinese egg noodles and salty soy sauce. 120 more words

Shaniu's House of Noodles: Zhajiangmian in Berlin

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that our photos are not the best.  Somehow, taking food pictures in a restaurant still feels ridiculously dumb that I don’t feel like doing all the effort of bringing the DSLR and just resort to using our non-Iphone  smartphones instead. 187 more words



 Wondering what you can prepare with these ingredients? Chinese noodles, leeks, red onion, wild mushrooms and shrimps. For a specific flavour: use fish stock, fish sauce and soja sauce. 7 more words

Masterchef @ Home

Village Sang Nyuk Noodle

去沙巴一定要吃生肉面?现在不用去到沙巴也能尝到【 正宗沙巴生肉面 】啦 !

这家【 沙巴正宗香乡生肉面 Village Sang Nyuk Noodles 】就在 Kuchai Lama !而店的老板正是来自沙巴 Kota Kinabalu 的当地人!他还说所有的 Recipe 都是祖传噢😯!

【 生肉面 】的灵魂在于其猪肉及汤底!老板说他们的汤最少得熬上两个小时,所以越迟越入味噢!另外他们家的生肉片真的好嫩好滑!越吃越好吃!

他们提供五种不同的面给予选择 : 手工客家面,米粉,河粉,黄面,全蛋面。我本身超爱吃他们的【 干捞生肉面 】搭上客家面 !干捞的客家面,加上一碗生肉片+ 吊片猪肉丸 + 猪肝 + 粉肠及入味十足汤汁!简直魅力无法挡啊! 348 more words

Chinese Noodles

Veggies and Chinese noodles because why not!

I really wanted to make grilled vegetables which I bought from the farmers market with some sort of carbs, but the only thing I had in my apartment were noodles. 303 more words