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Village Sang Nyuk Noodle

去沙巴一定要吃生肉面?现在不用去到沙巴也能尝到【 正宗沙巴生肉面 】啦 !

这家【 沙巴正宗香乡生肉面 Village Sang Nyuk Noodles 】就在 Kuchai Lama !而店的老板正是来自沙巴 Kota Kinabalu 的当地人!他还说所有的 Recipe 都是祖传噢😯!

【 生肉面 】的灵魂在于其猪肉及汤底!老板说他们的汤最少得熬上两个小时,所以越迟越入味噢!另外他们家的生肉片真的好嫩好滑!越吃越好吃!

他们提供五种不同的面给予选择 : 手工客家面,米粉,河粉,黄面,全蛋面。我本身超爱吃他们的【 干捞生肉面 】搭上客家面 !干捞的客家面,加上一碗生肉片+ 吊片猪肉丸 + 猪肝 + 粉肠及入味十足汤汁!简直魅力无法挡啊! 348 more words

Chinese Noodles

Veggies and Chinese noodles because why not!

I really wanted to make grilled vegetables which I bought from the farmers market with some sort of carbs, but the only thing I had in my apartment were noodles. 303 more words

2017 Project 365, Day 303: North Park Ultimate Noodles

Photo #303: October 30

Accomplished a lot today, which made me think I could finish North Park’s ultimate noodles, but it was the other way around – the noodles finished me =p Good thing they allow noodle leftover takeouts!

Vegetable Noodles

Ingredients :

Noodles -200gms

Water -3cup

Oil -1tsp +2tsp

Ginger and garlic -1tsp(chopped)

Spring onion -1tbsp

Celery -1/2tbsp


Cabbage -1/4cup

Bell pepper -1

Beans -1/2cup… 92 more words


Chow Mein

Chow mein is a sure item on many chinese takeout menus. It’s a sweet and sour stir-fried noodle dish which is typically made with chicken, pork and seafood. 318 more words

Asian Food

Hakka Noodles

Ready In Prep Time Cook Time Serves 25 Mins 15 Mins 10 Mins 2 Ppl Ingredients for the Noodles: 2 cups boiled noodles 2 tbsp oil… 192 more words

Chinese Bhel

Ready In Prep Time Cook Time Serves 27 Mins 15 Mins 12 Mins 2 Ppl Ingredients: 3 cups fried noodles 1 tbsp oil 2 tsp finely chopped garlic… 125 more words