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The Dying Stage

I started my day way early in the morning on October 29th 2017. I joined the local’s well-known street photography society for a walk, the FJM Group (Fotografi Jalan Malaysia). 1,150 more words

San Francisco Opera’s Dream of the Red Chamber

San Francisco Opera’s Dream of the Red Chamber is a story of cosmic creation, of marriage choice, and of family decline, both financial and moral. It is a meditation on the nature of reality and illusion, of the interconnectedness of the dream state and the waking world. 456 more words

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The Chinese Clan Associations in Singapore (Kong Chow Wui Koon 冈州会馆)

Clan associations date many many years ago sometime right after Raffles landed (in 1819) and the swampy area started to develop. When immigrants started coming, many have never left their home town and most came alone. 615 more words

Deep Dive With Clarity

Could we only live or die at will

“Just as we please ourselves
which flower or herb we most love,
ah, could we only live or die at will,
then who would moan for bitter pain?”

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Common Voices: The Cultural Legacy of Italian and Cantonese Opera in Vancouver

Exhibit at Italian Cultural Centre’s Il Museo runs until July 15


Spanning May and June, which are Asian and Italian heritage months, the Italian Cultural Centre mounted an exhibition on the history of Cantonese and Italian opera in Vancouver. 662 more words

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Gold-Coin Leopard

The Chinese for “leopard” is 金钱豹 jin qian bao (“gold-coin leopard”) because its spots are thought to look like Chinese “cash”. 255 more words

Chinese Opera

The Mysterious Ninth Chapter and Sun Wukong’s Links to Chinese Opera

Did you know that the current ninth chapter of JTTW did not appear in the original version anonymously published in 1592? Those who have read the novel may recall that it details the tragedy surrounding Xuanzang’s birth, namely the murder of his father and the kidnapping of his mother, years prior to him becoming a monk. 345 more words

Sun Wukong