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Beijing Opera Night

During my stay in Hamburg I had an opportunity to experience  a glimpse of Chinese opera during one Chinese music event. It is something very different form the opera as we know it, therefore I was sure that I want to see it during my stay in China as well. 356 more words

Culture amidst the storm--

BOOM!  Storms of all kinds are brewing all over the planet, and we have a particularly good one happening here in Hong Kong at the moment.   192 more words


Lǐ Yùgāng (李玉剛)

Lǐ Yùgāng (李玉剛)

Chinese opera singer.

Gender : Male
Birthday : 23rd of July, 1978

List of original songs :

Gānghǎo Yùjiàn Nǐ (剛好遇見你)
Qīngmíng Shàng Hé Tú (清明上河图)

Chinese Lyrics

Another Peking Opera Workshop

大家好 Hello everyone,

好久不见 Long time no see.

We’ve just finished organizing our second Peking Opera Workshop for March 17th on Facebook.

If you’ve been to the workshop from last semester, you’ll know that we’ll be having a lot of fun. 51 more words


Chinese Opera Fun!

Dear Boy,

Last evening, while we were on our way home after dinner from Waterwaypoint, we were serendipitously drawn to the sounds of drums, gongs, and cymbals. 845 more words

Everything Else In Between

戏曲文生课 - 林美琴老师

30 Jan to 5 Feb

All material below prepared by Lim Moi Kim.





扇子part 2