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What's Lost, What's Just Waiting: Finding an Alternate China in Sichuan

You walk in on the Terracotta Army, and it’s hard not to feel like you’re discovering something.

Despite the tourists shuffling in with you. Despite the air hanger base it’s contained in. 2,349 more words


Chengdu & Shanghai 8.29.16

4 nights, 3 beds, 24 total hours of sleep and 94,000 steps later I am back in reality (aka, a different city). After three weeks of travel, Shanghai was a fun break from time solo and less western cities.  614 more words


A Night At The Opera

From afar, I could already make out the brightly lit stage erected by the side of the street and the sounds of drumming and cymbal clashes which hinted at a Chinese opera performance in progress. 82 more words


Hungry Ghost Festival

When: August 3-31, 2016
Where: Various locations throughout Penang – (refer to schedule and location list below)

When the clock strikes midnight on the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the gates of the afterlife crack open to unleash ghosts unto the land of the living. 320 more words


Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Dance Theatre: Life's A Stage

For the past 3 years at SOTA, all I’ve been practicing and watching were all Western dance forms – ballet, contemporary, modern, neo-classical. Having come from a background in Chinese dance (I did it as a CCA in primary school for 6 years), I was intrigued when I heard that SHHKTD was putting up a dance drama. 765 more words



Alighting off the ferry in Liaoning marked our arrival in Dongbei (literal translation eastnorth), the area comprising of the three most north eastern provinces in China – all of which we were due to visit. 588 more words