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A Word or Two of Support for Lloyd Suh

TFP is not a journalist, she writes about Diversity in Entertainment – but she joins the world in mourning the losses in Beruit and Paris. 2,081 more words

Black Dragon Mountain

A Lost Aesthetic: Diancui

Kingfisher jewellery at Christie’s, South Kensington on 8 November, 2015

To make the best out of Asian Art in London this year, I attended more than a dozen of gallery openings, auction previews, exhibitions and lectures over the course of three days. 506 more words


Dartmouth playwright cancels Chinese opera inspired play after criticism of cultural appropriation

HALIFAX – A Dartmouth playwright has cancelled his latest play just days before it was set to open, amid criticism the production was culturally insensitive. 659 more words


Group tutorial leads a reflection

What I did recently? :

quantum mechanic, Chinese opera, clay artwork, Chinese chess, nutriology.

My idea about these:

I never think any knowledge are useless. Knowledge are connected with each other. 214 more words


# 11th ;

冯每次说的; 花无百日红 之曲调 :)

// Watching voice of china 4 now ; In my opinion, Beibei is really really good. The way she yell and sing makes me feel my throat can break anytime man hahaha! 68 more words

A Dixi Opera inheritor brings his craft to schools

Dixi Opera is a type of opera in Anshun of Guizhou province performed in open spaces instead of on a formal stage by actors wearing wooden masks. 414 more words

Chinese Carving Art