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Tin Hau Festival Celebration at Sai Kung

The 23rd of March of the Lunar Calendar is the birthday of Tin Hau (or Mazu in Taiwan). According to informal historical recording, she was born in China around the 10th century and was later became the… 1,222 more words

Hong Kong

'Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy' and 'Shachiapang'- 2 revolutionary operas

As part of the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) in Mao Zedong’s China, only eight approved stage works (operas and ballets) were allowed. The number of these ‘model plays’ (bāgè yàngbǎnxì) did increase over time, but the original eight continued to dominate the few productions allowed. 707 more words


A Glimpse of Chinese Opera

Chinese opera enjoys a long history and incorporates literature, music, dance and visual art in performance. New York Chinese Opera Society (NYCOS) is a non-profit performance art organization founded in 2006. 697 more words


The Dying Stage

I started my day way early in the morning on October 29th 2017. I joined the local’s well-known street photography society for a walk, the FJM Group (Fotografi Jalan Malaysia). 1,150 more words

San Francisco Opera’s Dream of the Red Chamber

San Francisco Opera’s Dream of the Red Chamber is a story of cosmic creation, of marriage choice, and of family decline, both financial and moral. It is a meditation on the nature of reality and illusion, of the interconnectedness of the dream state and the waking world. 456 more words

Visual Arts

The Chinese Clan Associations in Singapore (Kong Chow Wui Koon 冈州会馆)

Clan associations date many many years ago sometime right after Raffles landed (in 1819) and the swampy area started to develop. When immigrants started coming, many have never left their home town and most came alone. 615 more words

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