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Chinese Real Estate "Investments"

Interestingly these properties were  paid for by end-buyers with savings and there are no mortgages on them.

And there are stories of the Chinese cashing in these properties and buying others in the US. 46 more words


In Other News ...

DC’s Anti-Pop-Up Bill Would Exclude Many    Yeah, I’ve thought for a while now that the powers that be are using aesthetic objections of “ugly pop-ups” as cover to artificially prop up real estate values by restricting housing stock.  268 more words

Hong Kong's Li Ka-shing to Divide Empire -- Wealth Moves to Cayman Islands

Li Ka-shing to Separate Real Estate Assets From the Rest of His Conglomerate

Have big corporations lost confidence in Hong Kong?


Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing waves after a news conference in Hong Kong Friday, where he announced plans to reorganize his empire into two new companies. 1,293 more words

Chinese Real Estate Weakness

In China, signs are spreading that a property collapse has begun. Years of over-building appear to have caught up with the market’s ability to absorb new supplies. 33 more words

China's largest funeral provider is trying to make death a luxury event

Custom sculpted tombstones, celebrity-studded cemeteries, and funeral packages that cost up to 500,000 yuan ($82,356) are the new must-have luxury items in China—at least if the country’s largest “death care services” provider has anything to say about it. 488 more words

Beijing is the world's third most expensive city to rent an office

A 40-block neighborhood west of the Forbidden City in Beijing is the third most expensive place to rent office space in the world, according to recently crunched numbers by Jones Lang LaSalle, a financial services company that focuses on real estate. 327 more words

China's risky mortgage lending is tacking a credit bubble onto a real estate bubble

China has a chronic debt problem. And its soaring housing prices—Beijing’s were up 18.3% in July compared with last year—are getting fairly bubbly. That cocktail is mighty similar to what caused the United States financial crisis—so could a US-style sub-prime debacle happen in China? 807 more words