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(Faux Claypot) Chicken, Mushroom and Chinese Sausage Rice

Traditionally this dish is normally cooked in a claypot, one of the kitchen toys however I unfortunately don’t have, so this is a variation on the dish. 546 more words


"spring chickens"

First things first, it’s almost spring and I can barely contain my excitement to finally see the sun after months of hibernation. I’m probably exaggerating but I really am quite happy that the weather is finally above 0 and soon enough I can scrape by wearing sweaters outside. 332 more words


January Favorites

I know that I’ve been a bit all over the place with update schedules (and I completely dropped the ball on my daily photo resolution… 826 more words


Penang Style Popiah


Adequate fresh spring roll skin

1 stalk Chinese lettuce (discard the core and separate the leaves)

½ cup sweet sauce

½ cup sriracha chilli sauce… 238 more words

Appetisers & Salads

Basmati Rice with Chinese Sausage and Shiitake Mushrooms.

I found a 20lb bag of Basmati rice in Belize City and I grabbed it off the shelf quick-smart!  Usually you can only find Basmati rice in pathetic little 400g (not even a full lb!) packets and it is enough for one measly meal. 74 more words


Chinese Sausage and Corn Cous Cous.

As a continuation of the Corn Cous Cous theme, which I wrote about 2 days ago, here is another recipe.

This is a variation of the original recipe; this one contains Chinese Sausage and Chinese Cabbage.   87 more words


238/365 Rice Surprise

Fried rice with Chinese sausage because–Yum!