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My Chinese Collagen Elixir

We Chinese people eat a lot of weird stuff. I usually stick with just chicken pork and beef. I don’t do any frog legs, snakes broth or anything out there. 424 more words

Hong Kong Mom

Pickled Mustard & Beef Shank Soup


150g Pickled Mustard

5 slices Ginger

100g Carrot

100d Radish

400g Beef Shank


Wash and soak pickled mustard for 30 minutes and squeeze dry… 28 more words

Chinese Soups

Sweet Potato Soup with Pandan & Ginger

When you have a distended stomach, nothing works wonders like ginger & sweet potato!  Here’s a really simple recipe ~ 15 min flat for a yummilicious dessert that cures! 57 more words

Chinese Soups

Chinese Soup Series: Pumpkin Pork Rib Soup

I’m surprised to report that one of most popular blogs I’ve ever written is about making soup with pumpkins.

It’s clear the internet and its readers love to read about food. 432 more words


Chinese Yam and Lotus Seed Soup

A warming soup good for backaches and clearing the kidneys & spleen.  Also aids to remove wind from the tummy.


60g Chinese Yam

80g Lotus Seed… 44 more words

Chinese Soups

Radish & Spinach Soup

Today’s soup is great for clearing the toxins in your intestines.  There’s Huai Shan in it that is very useful to strengthen the spleen and kidney.   132 more words

Chinese Soups

Black Beans Pig Tail Soup

Considered warming, black beans are used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat lower back pain, knee pain, infertility, blurry visions and ear problems.  Black dates in the recipe promotes healthy digestion and helps to clear complexion. 159 more words

Chinese Soups