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No Wonder the Chinese Are Rich

Today I had lunch with a Chinese colleague who I like. Because she doesn’t gossip. A lot of Shanghainese colleagues love to stab each other in the back, left, right, and front – and love stabbing me even more. 565 more words

Big Bubble In Little China!

By David Chapman – Re-Blogged From http://www.Gold-Eagle.com

OK pardon the play on a 1986 Kurt Russell action adventure flick entitled “Big Trouble in Little China”. China isn’t little but the bubble is potentially big. 1,280 more words

GDP & Employment

Behind the Chinese government's brazen bid to pump up its stock market

China’s stock market soared once again today, with the Shanghai Composite climbing 4.7%, and sound economic news wasn’t the wind beneath its wings—manufacturing data were decidedly mixed… 586 more words

Last Trading Day In May

Stock market action has been on a short leash this week. Already it’s a Friday and the last trading day of the month as well. 392 more words

Stock Market

This very scary chart reveals the risky business of China's bull market

China’s out-of-the-blue stock market run-up may finally be screeching to a halt. The Shanghai Composite Index’s nosedive in the last half-hour of trading this week wiped out a 3.4% gain from earlier in the session, as fears of a worsening economic picture surfaced. 323 more words

China Overtakes Japan To Become World’s Second Largest Stock Market

The capitalization of the Chinese stock market increased 33 percent in 2014 reaching $4.48 trillion, which makes the market second only to the US.

Japan’s stock market declined 3.2 percent to $4.46 trillion in 2013, according to Bloomberg analysts. 172 more words

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