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A Few Economic and Social Facts of China

As you may have noticed the global capital market volatility since the beginning of the New Year, with the plunge of oil prices and the bouncing around of the Chinese currency exchange rate, I thought it’d be interesting to share my view on China, as a recent immigrant who has spent 22 years in China and 5 years in the U.S.. 841 more words

Chinese Stock Market

An Economy of One - January 7, 2016

Hour 1: Chinese markets hit circuit breakers, shut down trading; What are bonds?; How interest rates affect bonds https://aneconomyofone.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/1-7-15-eoone-hr-1.mp3

Hour 2: Brian Doherty of Reason Magazine on the executive orders on guns; The effect the executive orders have on non-gun owners; The fight against $15 in the fast-food industry and unintended consequences; Country of origin labeling… 10 more words


Bianco Research on Bloomberg TV

Jim Bianco is President of Chicago based Bianco Research LLC.  His commentary and interviews regarding global economy and markets is always informative and his recent appearance on… 187 more words

Commentary And Opinion

Amid Stock Market Panic, Dozens Of Chinese Billionaires Are Mysteriously Disappearing

By John Vibes

Amid stock market panic in China, many of the country’s most prominent billionaires are disappearing without a trace. This week, Zhou Chengjian… 430 more words

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