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How to Give Rewards at VIPKID (for Interviewing and New Teachers)

The reward system is an integral part of the VIPKID classroom.  It rewards the student for doing a good job, acts as a behavior incentive, helps maintain control in a virtual classroom (where you are thousands of miles from your student), and adds some fun to a sometimes stressful situation (for the student). 958 more words


Using Rewards: For New and Interviewing Teachers (Video)

What is this reward system you hear about with VIPKID? This video covers how rewards are used, ideas for new teachers, cheap and easy reward systems, rewards for younger and older students, and using rewards in your interview and mock classes. 58 more words


Chinese diplomats warn students in Australia to stay alert to safety risks

South China Morning Post

Consulate in Melbourne issues alert following string of incidents

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 19 December, 2017, 2:04pm

UPDATED : Tuesday, 19 December, 2017, 3:08pm… 563 more words

Classrooms are for discussions

But I end up speaking a lot instead. That’s an ESL no-no, of course. But ESL can shove it. My real concern is how little the students learn when I’m speaking. 938 more words


Australia’s China Quandary

Written by Parama Sinha Palit.

China’s quest for influence and power is becoming evident in the Asia-Pacific region as much as it is elsewhere in the world. 952 more words


Hello! My name is Teacher Amy.

“Hello!  My name is Teacher Amy. How are you?”

I have said that phrase over 1200 times. Today marks my 167th day at VIPKID.  To be precise, that is over 800 students, 1200 classes taught, and 29,800 minutes in front of my computer with a smile in place.  528 more words


How to prepare a CV for the job market in China

CV/resume Writing: Components of a Chinese CV/resume – by Lockin China

During the 80 Days Event for Talents from Overseas, Lockin China got a lot of feedback from students at hosting universities and scanned thousands of CVs from overseas students. 364 more words