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Voice #9: Classroom...

“In elementary school, we did have an opportunity to discuss and compete with each other. However, we also had to obey very strict rules. At high school, I was focused on my entrance exams for University. 551 more words

Teach English Abroad: Salary & Cost of Living [TEFL, 2015] #RisingChina

On the economics on foreigners teaching English in China…

Salary – USD 950-1900
Average Cost of Living – USD 600-800

The figures on China seem to be up for contention, as the following Facebook post suggests… 44 more words


ESL Experiences 2015.02.04

Student: “Teacher, you must be a very smart guy, you read a lot of books!”
Me: “Ah yes! I also learned how to divide synthetically, use Avogadro’s law to determine a gas’ volume, conjugate French verbs, and recite all the Chinese dynasties in order.” 78 more words


On Nationalism

“You don’t love your country,” said my friend’s grandmother, “ if you don’t live in it.” I thought to myself, “that’s not true!” I do love my country! 1,460 more words


How to Study while Abroad

In traveling over 7,000 miles away from home to study abroad, there are indubitably going to be an array of obstacles and challenges throughout the course of the trip. 606 more words


Iowa Chinese Students Struggle To Adjust, Feel Lack Of Support

The story was originally published on IowaWatch.org on June 24, 2014.

The University of Iowa has intensely recruited Chinese students since 2007, but has made little progress helping them assimilate to campus life. 3,574 more words