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Why it is hard for Chinese Students to find a job in Fredericton

On September 24, at the Choose Fredericton job fair at the Currie Center, every time Shuang Shua spoke to a potential employer, they made her repeat keywords or phrases out loud. 736 more words

FINDING A RHYTHM: Day 30, Saturday September 28 2013

Was halfway to school and through a mug of tea before I started to feel alive. Worked on translating my kids book for a bit before my demo. 1,204 more words


Ten things I love about teaching in China

  1. The students

    Ok, that’s obvious. If I didn’t like the students, I definitely wouldn’t be doing this. What’s nice about teaching abroad is that, just because you’re sort of a curiosity to the students, you have an easier starting point in getting the students to like and listen to you.

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Intercultural Stress

Global education is a powerful tool that allows intercultural communication to benefit the converging cultures. From 2000 to 2013 Australia saw a 180% growth in the amount of foreign exchange students travelling to Australia (Gong & Huybers, 2015). 538 more words


Gossiping the Gospel

From a book review on the Rise of Christianity in China.

‘One thing they notice is the role of social networks in both conversion and the spread of religion: “Faiths spread through social networks and conversion is the result of coming to agree with others to whom one is attached via family or friendship” (104).’ 47 more words

Mainland China

The global fallout from China's stock market crash may be coming your way

China’s market downfall has been dramatic and painful for the investors involved. But so far there has been little immediate impact on the rest of the world, because China tightly limits foreign investment in mainland stocks. 1,841 more words