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Voice #9: Classroom...

“In elementary school, we did have an opportunity to discuss and compete with each other. However, we also had to obey very strict rules. At high school, I was focused on my entrance exams for University. 551 more words

Teach English Abroad: Salary & Cost of Living [TEFL, 2015] #RisingChina

On the economics on foreigners teaching English in China…

Salary – USD 950-1900
Average Cost of Living – USD 600-800

The figures on China seem to be up for contention, as the following Facebook post suggests… 44 more words


ESL Experiences 2015.02.04

Student: “Teacher, you must be a very smart guy, you read a lot of books!”
Me: “Ah yes! I also learned how to divide synthetically, use Avogadro’s law to determine a gas’ volume, conjugate French verbs, and recite all the Chinese dynasties in order.” 78 more words


On Nationalism

“You don’t love your country,” said my friend’s grandmother, “ if you don’t live in it.” I thought to myself, “that’s not true!” I do love my country! 1,460 more words