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A left-wing critique of political correctness

Paul Street, a smart, marginally-employed left-wing writer, wrote a good article for Counterpunch on why people like him oppose so-called “political correctness.”

He gave a number of examples, but I’ll just quote one of them. 782 more words



The classes of spoken English and debate differed from the writing classes I handled before because I could let loose and finally focus on what I believed the Chinese students needed most — increased practice time in English with a foreigner.   587 more words

Neoliberal US colleges prefer rich foreigners

I came across an article in the Washington Monthly from a few years back as to how many U.S. universities are recruiting rich Chinese and other foreigners who can pay high tuition that middle-class and working-class Americans cannot afford. 46 more words


Ramblings about games

The movie Warcraft, based on the game World of Warcraft, was released today in China. Even though it got dismal reviews worldwide, Chinese people booked their tickets in advance and many attended the premiere that was today at 00:05 in many cinemas across the country. 589 more words


Why Daigou wipe out Australia market?

Name: Xuan Guo

SID: 440411668

Major: Master Degree of Media Practice

According to the report of Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian oversea student earned 40,000 dollars by Daigou milk powder in a year. 1,039 more words

Online Journalism

Are Chinese students paying too much to study in Australia?

“I just worked for five hours, so I am a little tired.” Said Lily, who is an international student studying in the University of Sydney and has been in Sydney for five months. 938 more words

40% Failure Rate? Chinese business students demand fair go from Uni

Sydney in July has already stepped into winter. It is cold now, even more for a boy’s heart. His name is Angus, a postgraduate student of the business school of the University of Sydney. 1,335 more words