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The Road to Hell Was Paved with College Safe Spaces, by Michael Krieger

If snowflakes don’t want to hear people they don’t agree with, they should buy some earplugs. Instead, they DEMAND that such people be banned from their campus. 340 more words


Chinese students in the US are using "inclusion" and "diversity" to oppose a Dalai Lama graduation speech

Chinese students are joining their peers on American campuses in getting woke. Their cause? Defending the official line of the Communist Party.

On Feb. 2, the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) … 2,423 more words

Gerlyn’s 51Talk teacher story: To inspire and be inspired

Teachers should inspire, not impress.

That’s what I learned and believe in after being with 51Talk for a year now. My journey with 51Talk has been full of ups and downs, but I never regret choosing this field. 292 more words


The most effective way to teach the Letter L sound to Chinese students when teaching ESL online

The letter L sound is hard for some ESL students in Asia. It is easier to teach than most people think when teaching students in China. 175 more words

Remarkable 51Talk teacher Winkles and her student Yuan

My name is Winkles. I started working in 51Talk in October 2014. I was a Top Teacher for Quarter 1 of 2016 – NCR. I graduated with flying colors with a degree in Bachelor of Science, Major in Nutrition and Dietetics. 344 more words


Business schools see opportunity in China, Chinese students

Xiang Wang, a 25-year-old from southern China, knew what he wanted in a graduate business school: an impressive reputation and a rigorous curriculum that could land him a job in the United States after graduation. 30 more words

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News for international students – November 2016

Whether you want to work in the UK during or after your studies or are looking for a job to start when you return home, we can help you achieve your goals. 373 more words