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News for international students – November 2016

Whether you want to work in the UK during or after your studies or are looking for a job to start when you return home, we can help you achieve your goals. 373 more words

The experiences of Chinese Students and Returnees

Written by Qing Gu.

Over the last two decades, Chinese student mobility has undergone profound changes. Exponential growth has taken place, driven ‘in part by the demand for a knowledge-based economy and highly skilled human resources… 1,208 more words


Useful Chinese Websites About Korea You Can’t Afford to Miss

Most useful Chinese websites about Korea you can’t miss

Before coming to Korea, I think many people will very desire to know all about Korea in order to quickly get used to the life here. 806 more words


10. Is studying abroad a good choice?

In China, the trend of sending children to study abroad does not seem to slow down. I remembered a student said in the share meeting of Chinese students who study abroad, “I do not know whether it is a correct choice to study abroad or not, but I have been able to predicate what kind of high schools, universities, and jobs I will find with my current grades in China. 160 more words

Donald Trump's former prep school is desperately trying to attract Chinese students at $52,000 a year

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s alma mater, New York Military Academy (NYMA), which was sold to Chinese buyers last year, started this school year with a large deficit,  440 more words

5. Misunderstanding of Chinese students?

Learning style

The most common stereotype of Chinese students is that they don’t seem to have any idea or even care about the conversation because of their silence. 125 more words

Intercultural Competence for "In-Between" International Students

Many international students feel caught in between two cultures, the American culture and the culture of their home country. A short documentary by Amie Song, which was recently featured on Foreign Policy, offers a close look at the challenges and struggles of being stuck “in-between” with stories of three Chinese students who were studying at Smith College. 306 more words

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