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Our Chinese Guests

By: Meaghan Meachem, EJA Professor

Lyndon State College’s Electronic Journalism Arts department has had a partnership with Xi’An International Studies Universities since former Professor Dan Williams spent a year teaching there as a Fulbright Scholar in 2012.   161 more words


The Adventure in America: The Outdoor Activities

By: Yuan ziqi (Kiki)

When talking about the adventure in America, one of the best experiences for us is skiing in Burke Mountain with Meaghan, Brett, Victoria and Taylor. 320 more words


The Adventure in America: Once In A Lifetime

By: Guo Jing (Jane)

“…the landscape is beautiful, the stories are venerable…”                                         ——New York Times

From traveling Chicago to crossing Boston to touching New York City to feeling the peace of Burlington, our inspiring odyssey will forever change our view of America. 636 more words


Having a Family in Lyndon

By: Joy & Amber

Ten Chinese students visiting Lyndon State College have stayed with host families for nearly three weeks, which builds deep relationships among them. 1,078 more words


The Adventure in America: Adventure On The Way

By:Dong Sifan (Linda)

I’ve never imagined we would missed the flight to America. Thanks to the great airline, they gave us a unique experience.

There is no air route to America from Xi’an .So, we have to fly to Shanghai first, and then to America. 585 more words


What We Learned From News7

By: Winnie Wang, Miranda, Ella Zhang

To be honest, it was weird, at the beginning, to join News7. We had no idea about the whole new process and did not know how to get along with them due to the disparate cultures. 581 more words


Spot The Differences

By: Alice & Daisy

As for the end of last week, the students of Lyndon State College whose major is Electronic Journalism Arts, took the class of Diversity Training. 1,196 more words