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More Chinese Wedding Door Games

I’ll admit, the guys from our wedding party got off easy with our Chinese wedding door games (they weren’t really pranked). That being said, it was more then I could ask for considering no one in our wedding party has observed the tradition before. 170 more words

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Yu's New Beijing in Glen Ellyn Presents the Chinese Tradition of the Fan

Perhaps born from the necessity to cool off during hot days, ancient Chinese—mostly women–adopted the art of fanning often using leaves or bird feathers.

But the hand-held fan, as we know it today, it is said to have surfaced about 3000 years ago, made in a circular shape to resemble and honor the full moon. 209 more words

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My Chinese Wedding Hair Combing Ritual

The purpose of the hair combing ritual is to pass longevity and fertility to the bride. The ritual is conducted by having the eldest female member of the family comb the bride’s hair either the day before the wedding or right before the wedding. 327 more words

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Chaos Incoming: Beijing in Lockdown

China is celebrating end of World War II and it’s Victory Against Japan on Thursday.

China is a great nation, so naturally they do like to display their military might in some kind of grand parade every now and again. 767 more words


My Three Wedding Dresses

In Asia, it’s customary for brides to wear multiple dresses on their wedding day. As such, I took the custom as an excuse to shop for gowns. 60 more words

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I recently travelled to Shanghai to visit friends, and I must say I was in green tea heaven!!! Delicious ice cold green tea beverages are available on every corner, they even have varieties with less or no sugar now (which was different a couple of years ago when everything was super-sweet). 1,215 more words


My War With the Toilet!

Guys… I am telling you the Chinese toilets are bound to kill me one day…. they are after me….. don’t laugh…. my latest encounter…. is the battle of the iPhone…. 590 more words

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