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Life by numbers in Chinese

Reading through old stories for my Chinese New Year post last week I thought it was time to talk more about Chinese number slang. I mention at the end of… 674 more words

China Stories

Guest Post: 10 Most Helpful Chinese Phrases

From my friends over at Learn Mandarin Now… they have given you some important basic Chinese to get you started on learning the #1 most spoken language in the world. 483 more words


Chinese New Year Traditions

Husband and I come from Chinese families, so Chinese New Year is one more occasion observed at home. Celebrating CNY makes me miss the kids’ Ama and Angkong (paternal grandma and grandpa) who passed away a few months before the first kid was born.  822 more words


4713 Новый Год

Новый год в Китае считается самым большим и радостным праздником, и готовятся к нему долго. Наряду с другими традиционными и политическими праздниками, Новый год в Китае – это время, проведенное в кругу семьи и родственников, вкусного застолья и приятного безделья.


Year of the Sheep

Happy New Year!

Few Chinese Horoscope books contain overall prognostications for the year. In my large collection of these books, one of the few that does is the first edition of Theodora Lau’s The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes, published in 1979. 965 more words

Chinese Traditions

CNY 2015: Do's and Don'ts at the Chinese New Year

Apart from greeting everyone with “Kung Hei Fat Choi”, do you know what you should or should not be doing during Chinese New Year?

Do’s… 383 more words

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Gong xi baa cai!

In Chinese, the year that starts at midnight tonight the Year of the Yang (羊 yáng). Yang is an umbrella term that encompasses both goats and sheep – anything that goes “baaaa”, basically – which is why you might see it referred to variously as the Year of the Goat, Sheep or Ram. 256 more words