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Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant

When it comes to chicken in the oldest Chinatown in the world, Sincerity Cafe is always at the top of everyone’s list. Since we found ourselves in the area during a (failed) visit to the National Museum, we decided to finally give it a try. 438 more words


Crunchy Chinese Salad

This salad is crisp, cool and collected. Like a fine wine, it blends bold flavours but remains balanced. So tasty! Again, borrowed from Budget Bytes – thanks Budget Bytes! 155 more words

Main Dishes

ตอนพิเศษ เว่ยเว่ยVSชานชาน 1

แปลจากเวอร์ชั่นภาษาอังกฤษจากเพจ hui3r Thank you for English translation and pictures.

เนื่องจากตอนพิเศษนี้ GU Man เขียนไว้ท้ายเรื่อง Shan Shan comes to eat. จึงเป็นการเขียนจากมุมของชานชาน ค่ะ ท่านผู้อ่านท่านใดที่ไม่รู้จักชานชาน แนะนำให้รับชมได้จาก

(ซับไทย) www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLakJXSDjfSgJWg0v5AQTcQ70SE6mZ8_u0

(Eng Sub) … 21 more words


Fortunate Son

On the way home the other night, I decided I was craving some Chinese takeout. I had actually been craving it for a few days. There’s this place next to the Food Lion here in town that’s pretty good. 630 more words


Chinese Widow Spends Seventeen Years Putting Four of Her Husband’s Five Killers in Prison

Seventeen long years after witnessing the brutal murder of her husband Li Guiying’s struggles have finally borne fruit – she has 489 more words



“What shall I wear today?” asked Katherine.

Every morning Katherine would ask the same question of her husband. Getting drawn into a discussion on clothing was anathema to Marius, yet unavoidable. 1,039 more words


Bad Luck, Good Luck

There was a man who lived near the frontier who was well versed in the workings of fate. For no reason his horse ran away into the land of the nomads. 183 more words

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