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Beijing Backpacking, Day 18: Art, Freedom vs. Identity?

YESTERDAY I EXPLORED how much music is a universal language in the bars of Guloudajie. As with music anywhere, music challenges my perceptions. But there is no perception about China that has challenged me so far as much as its art scene. 443 more words

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Fresh Sushi

As the name may suggest, Fresh Sushi do sushi rolls, both with white rice ($3,1) and brown ($3,3). I’m hesitant on how fresh ‘fresh’ means, and if you come expecting Californian style standards, you’re going to be extremely disappointed. 154 more words


Leftover Pot Roast Chinese Food

This weekend I made a Sunday roast hoping it would make it at least a few days. I know that I do not do the best job at re-purposing meals so I decided to hide it in the one food that always tastes amazing. 305 more words


Clay Pot Rice (with no clay pot!)

I am back! After recharging my batteries in the Italian heat for a couple of weeks, I am back in my kitchen. So clearly the first thing I did was to prepare something new! 339 more words


Recipe: Taiwanese Porridge (Rice Congee)

Otherwise known as repurposing leftovers.

Most leftovers can be repurposed to go with Taiwanese porridge, which is plain rice congee with various side dishes, and the exercise transcends cuisine boundaries. 175 more words

C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 9.3

Chapter 9

Part 3 (Three)

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Dong Ai Min said, “Your act is called a crime!”

“Well, let it be a  crime.” His expression, his way speaking, all of these are showing he is not joking, that he is serious. 853 more words