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The Last Emperor

This British- Italian film from the 80s is the type of film they don’t make any more, or at least they don’t make them in the same way anymore.   257 more words


Candle in the Tomb (鬼吹灯之精绝古城): Episode 10 Recap

Once Hu enters the shelter, Fatso tells him that the place is safe. Hu isn’t sure how safe they are and for how long considering the on-going sandstorm outside. 1,566 more words


Jennifer López posa como toda una bloguera en las calles de Hollywood

Jennifer López es una de las famosas más admiradas, no solo por su talento en la pantalla y en el escenario, sino también porque siempre luce impecable. 230 more words




Bakpao, minipao, dan mantao yang enak dan murah, dari yang isi ayam, coklat, sampai yg vegetarian juga ada.

Jl. Raya Arjuna Utara No. 90, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat

021 56961308
Jam Buka: 09.00 – 19.00



Chinese scientists CRISPR a human for the first time

 A $CRISPR #Human Chinese scientists CRISPR a human for the first time A group of Chinese scientists injected a human being with cells genetically edited using CRISPR-Cas9 technology. 49 more words

Austin’s Chicken Lollypop Marks Cosmopolitan Indo-Chinese Food Culture

If you were walking through the streets of Bombay, also known as Mumbai, the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra, you’ll encounter a symphony of spices, vegetables, and meats with scents so harmonious that the air is as melodic as India’s contagious music. 650 more words

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