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Hottest Party Of The Summer: Nelly, Chingy, & The St. Lunatics

By Bre Nicole

The hottest party of the summer came all the way to Michigan this past Tuesday on August 9th, 2016, as  Vanilla Ice, Nelly, Chingy, and the St.Lunatics brought rising temperatures to  the Midwest! 442 more words


[NEW MUSIC VIDEO] "Millionaire" By Cash Cash & Digital Farm Animals ft. Nelly

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Nelly continues to get that paper, the guys portfolio is sick. Check Nelly in the New Cash Cash & Digital Farm Animal’s new video. 76 more words

The C-Note Files

Chingy Loves Him Some Trump

Okay, let’s pretend for a second. Let’s jump back in time to the year 2003. Lance Armstrong was still relevant, Saddam Hussein was just captured, Hurricane Isabelle struck, people still wore black tattoo stretch chokers, and Chingy (a beloved household name) was at the top of the charts. 424 more words

Alonzo Lee, Grammy Award Winning Producer Holds Social Media Music Marketing Seminar Today

Multiplatinum producer, Alonzo Lee and cofounder of the legendary production team Trak Stars, is holding a Social Media Music Marketing Workshop at Nelly’s Extreme Institute and It’s free to the public. 171 more words


Chingy 2016 Australian Tour Sells Out Every City | Chingy "One Call" X "Hello" ft. Soulo

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Did you know Chingy sold over 3 million copies of the single “One Call Away” in Australia. Ching-a-ling appears at Culture Kings… 186 more words

The C-Note Files

Breaking News: Rap Coons Supporting Donald Trump (and Hillary)

So it looks like The Snoopster and Good Ole Fiddy Spent are sniffing around Hillary’s moldy old tail. And Kid Rock(head) and P. Diddle (of all people) are stumping for Trump. 33 more words