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Chingy & Trans Woman Sidney Starr Clash Over Smashing Rumors [PHOTOS]

Chingy has been dogged by rumors that he dated and smashed off trans woman Sidney Starr, which the St. Louis rapper has denied recently as this year. 231 more words


Today's Funky 4: Ne-Yo, Eve & More

Today on the Funky 4 Plus One More, we played songs from Ne-Yo and Eve. Check out all the songs we played, plus,  49 more words


Chingy Booking Manager Assists in Extortion Cover Up

Veronica Mousie Haley assisted extortions who robbed tens of thousands of dollars during the 2009 Chingy Hip Hop Tour in Brazil. She currently resides on St Louis, Missouri.

Efrem Lorne Dryer

International Extortion Leads to Cybercom Systems/GlobaServ Solutions (Ralph Edwin Jones)

Fraud Warning for Ralph Edwin Jones. Works with Efrem Lorne Dryer in International Extortion schemes using the above mentioned companies.

Efrem Lorne Dryer

Fraud Warning: Nana Bledsoe, St. Louis, Missouri.

From Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri.

Participated in the extortion of monies during 2009 Chingy Hip Hop Tour. Facing lawsuit and criminal charges in Brazil.

Currently married to Demetrius Bledsoe.

Efrem Lorne Dryer

Fraud Warning: Efrem Lorne Dryer

Warning: Multiple online fraudulent companies including fake gym investments, hair companies, watch companies, etc. The robbing of families, young men/women, van drivers, taxi drivers, international musicians, including starving them during hip hop tours, resulting in what could be classed as International Human Rights Violations. 88 more words

Efrem Lorne Dryer

Flashback Friday: Chingy - One Call Away

Any fan of 2000’s hip-hop should remember this classic.  94 more words