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So many kings

With the commercial catch of king salmon off the mouth of the Copper River steadily growing, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has gone all in on the idea that a… 612 more words


Good bad news?

The Copper River commercial salmon fishery ended Tuesday almost 2,000 Chinook over the 5,000-salmon threshold the Alaska Department of Fish and Game set as the acceptable harvest for 2017,  and the fishing season has only begun. 1,761 more words


15 races de chiens de traîneau - Partie I

Partie II →

Tout chien, que ce soit de race pure ou un mélange, peut être utilisé pour les sports canins attelés ou tirer un traîneau. 648 more words

15 Best Sled Dog Breeds - Part I

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Any dog, whether it is of pure or mixed breed, can be used to practice harness dog sports and to pull a sled. 526 more words

Las 15 mejores razas de perros de trineo - Parte I

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Cualquier perro, ya sea de pura raza o mestizo puede ser usado para tirar de un trineo.  Sin embargo es necesario que el mismo posea la talla adecuada y la resistencia necesaria para viajar largas distancias a una velocidad que le permita cubrir el trayecto en un lapso prudencial de tiempo.  596 more words

Delivery of the retired Seaking to Port Stanley Museum

The retired Seaking search and rescue helicopter was delivered to Port Stanley airport to its final resting place in the museum, the images show the mighty chinook transporting it there..

300,000 baby salmon die at Northern California hatchery because a pump failure

From the Sacramento Bee


As many as 300,000 baby salmon died Wednesday inside the temporary holding ponds they’d been staying in since the Oroville Dam crisis in early February. 218 more words