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Throwback - 2012 Beyond Meets

Well, it has been an interesting week. To make a long story short, and not go into more detail than is needed, my mother wound up in the hospital with a fairly badly broken leg and ankle (because ice) so most of my time has been spent there the last few days. 1,306 more words


Adding More Photos Soon

Hello All

I’m finally adding some photos to this site that I took back in September 2014. I know it’s basically three and half years late in adding them to this site. 51 more words


2018 Centerpin gear.

This has been a super tough week with making the gear.  Scrapped many pieces of gear blanks and fixtures as it just didn’t work out.  Can’t seem to find the right type for my application online so i don’t have to waste valuable time making this. 889 more words


Hackaday Links: February 4th, 2018

Here’s something remarkably displeasant. Can you cook a steak with glue? and from ExplosiveDischarge have cooked a steak using a huge, huge amount of two-part epoxy. 84 more words

Hackaday Columns

Pesticides and salmon: Can we see a light at the end of the tunnel? - Watching Our Water Ways

Once again, the National Marine Fisheries Service has determined in official findings that three common pesticides — chlorpyrifos, diazinon and malathion — raise the risk of extinction for threatened and endangered salmon.

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Puget Sound

#84 light Rice Ale

a repeat of #79 , dual mash with rice gives a nice light finish , you can bump up the grain for a rise in ABV for a little better kick.  305 more words


Walking in a Winter Wonderland

This winter has made me so thankful that I had my boys in the summer! I was able to get out and enjoy the warm weather and take nice, long walks with the boys all summer long. 349 more words