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Apaches, Chinooks & Merlin over South Wales

A collection of stunning photographs of the recent air activity over South Wales as British forces exercise in the region. All photographs come courtesy of Patrick McMahon. 52 more words


That Nocturnal Chinook

Sleep and falling asleep at night is something of a chore for some. When the head hits the pillow that nocturnal chinook starts up its engines. 546 more words


Dead or Alive: Are single-hopped beers still interesting?

One of the textbook rites of passage for the modern, budding beer geek is to buy ‘single-hopped’ beers to find out the flavour and aroma characteristics of specific hop varieties. 1,029 more words


The Unofficial Monmouthshire Air Show

Normally I have to travel miles and miles to see this kind of thing but today the skies above my own house were filled with aircraft participating in Exercise; Joint Warrior 2015. 201 more words



It’s the goliath in the American craft brewing scene: IPA. American IPA. Every brewery has to have one, every homebrewer has to make one. The West Coast style is pretty popular right now; big, brash, in your face hop character, alcohol content on the higher end, not much in the way of malt character. 1,402 more words


Part of me

Today I am going to sing with my singing teacher Annika. I don’t know what I am going to sing yet, but I hope it will be something nice. 124 more words