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First Newcomers: Soto on the Columbia

In an apparent twist of history, it was not the Americans who were first among the group of civilized Christian nations that settled in Oregon. In about 1725 a Spanish trading ship, perhaps a galleon, wrecked on the coast, in the vicinity of the Columbia River Estuary. 2,035 more words

Plane Pics! #AvGeek #JadedThunder

I’m more of a cycling geek rather than an aviation geek but living so close to RAF Leeming means I can see quite a lot of activity at the base, especially when they hold exercises such as Jaded Thunder. 227 more words


Reversing a Helicopter

A Royal Air Force Chinook reverses down the runway.  Note out of the forward hatch the crewman guides the pilot


Mt Rainier - Sunrise ridge, Cayuse & Chinook Pass

Mt Rainier – what a ride!, the scale of the mountains and valleys can only be expressed best by being experienced. I am familiar with… 791 more words


Getting Our Kids Involved

After several years fishing The Bay Of Quinte and studying fish behavior and habitat (mostly walleye) I have come to realize that I have been so focused on trying to create a successful guiding service, that I have almost missed out on  a very important part of my children’s education. 971 more words


Boeing CH-47F Chinook

@San Carlos Airport, San Carlos, CA

June 2016

The Army crew of this Chinook might have had second thoughts about coming to the Hiller Aviation Museum’s all helicopter HeliFest event when they saw that the only tug available was in Navy colors.  77 more words