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love held us hostage and we couldn't meet its demands

is this real cause this feels like a dream
they found two broken hearts at the scene
and there’s no trace of love where it used to beĀ  46 more words

Life Update


Headed out for a few hours post-church pre-reunion dinner with Len and Chlo!

It was a hot day. Too hot to function.

After walking in the damned heat, we finally reached Haji Lane. 126 more words

Amusing Pictures

Liz Lisa Day!

This is going to be a wordy and picturey post. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of green tea, and enjoy. I totally don’t remember what day this was, probably the Friday before school started. 601 more words

Len And Chlo

Orientation Tomorrow!

Hell yeah I’m excited!

I hope that it’ll be an awesome day filled with awesome people. :) I’ll try bring my camera. Whee!

I should go practice and print my monologues. 29 more words

Long post ahead!

See, I’m making an effort to blog more often! So here are the events that happened over a week ago, on the 15th! Yes, me blog at 3AM. 772 more words

Chio Shiz!