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Chi-Irish for the Day

Observing Saint Patrick’s Day is probably one of my favorite holidays to celebrate in downtown Chicago. This year, Matt was finally able to join me and our friends in being “Chirish” for the day. 344 more words


St. Patrick's Day in Chicago

Go to Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day weekend. New York conquered Christmas. But, Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day weekend is unforgettable.

9 AM Chicago River… 1,085 more words


Kicking Off The River Dye!

Congrats to our ChiRish Winner, Michelle, who kicked off the St. Pat’s festivities this Saturday by throwing the first bucket of dye in the Chicago River! 99 more words


ChIrish: my love/hate relationship with St. Pattys Day

As I sat above Chicago’s green river, drinking pink champagne and wearing all black I began to wonder how I ended up here in the first place.  871 more words


My Cleaning Lady Makes Me Feel Dirty

I love when the subject of me having a cleaning lady comes up and someone says, You have a cleaning lady? Must be nice. What does that even mean? 910 more words

Green Solo Cup, I Fill You Up, Let's Have a Party

March is such a fun month for me. It’s my anniversary, my birthday, and parade day. When you live on the south side of Chicago, parade day ranks right up there with Christmas. 1,144 more words



In Chicago we love this holiday, with a huge Irish population, it’s hard not to. Every year during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend Chicago has many festivities and traditions. 296 more words