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Chiron, Virgo And Charlie Sheen's Chiron Return

Ever met a Virgo that doesn’t fit the astrology textbook description of what a Virgo is supposed to be like? I believe that these people (and there are plenty of them) are what I call “Chiron Virgo’s”. 448 more words

Trapped Fear, Trapped In Fear: Healing Of My Father Wound

As I stand frozen in fear, I experience a loosening of the bladder.

I pee in my underwear.

Wait a minute…..

This is deep. This feels soooo familiar. 861 more words


Reflecting on 2014 - A Year-End Blog Challenge

With gratitude and appreciation to Linda at LiteBeing for the invitation to participate in this 2014 end-of-year ritual.

As part of this blog ritual, Linda invited us to reflect on our experiences during and the gifts of this past year using these five questions (why not join in and journal them yourself?), and then share our responses via the blog-o-sphere. 1,239 more words

Dark Night Of The Soul

Yellow Seed Wavespell ~ unfurl the gift

Yellow Seed Wavespell

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The human evolution process

Today is the day of the challenge that we face as human beings… 2,574 more words

Going gray….gracefully or not, and Chiron returning.

I’m officially committing to going off the bottle. Of hair dye, that is!

I have been camouflaging, blending, and hiding my gray hair in a number of ways since I started turning gray in my mid- to late 20’s. 2,201 more words


The Healing Of Pain: Finding the End to Suffering

The goal is not to get rid of the pain. The goal is to enter it. Go through the pain. Feel it and feel through the pain. 1,249 more words